Will.I.am Launches "Dial" Smartwatch #CAPNews

Black eyed pea member, musician and The Voice judge Will.i.am is launching a voice-activated smartwatch in the UK a few days after music colleague Kanye West announced his Video game launch. 

The smartwatch is created by his Los Angeles based tech company, I.am+ and is partly funded by money realized from "the beats" headphone brand's sale to Apple for $3 billion as he was a founding Investor.

Will.i.am has made a series of previous commercially unsuccessful gadgets (i.e Foto.shoto iPhone camera case and Puls) and this new smartwatch (the Dial) is his latest attempt to create a piece of wearable technology.
The "Dial" smartwatch can send emails and texts, plays music, it also enables users to find information and track their fitness.
The "Dial" has a 2 megapixel front-facing
camera, it is 4G enabled through the use of a sim card.
The "Dial" though, is different from its Apple and Samsung smartwatch counterparts, as unlike those two, it is not synced to a phone.

Will.i.am said, “It is not tethered to a device, it is THE device,”

The "Dial" will go on sale in the UK in April, with "Three" (3) being its mobile phone partner.
The dial smartwatch is to be controlled by users mostly by voice, The "Dial" uses its own
OS (AneedA) which is a voice-activated operating system.

The "Dial" does not have a search engine but users ask the Dial directly with voice for information, such information is supplied by a number of partners one of which is Yelp, which provides the listings and another is Wolfram Alpha which supplies facts from encyclopedia.
The company however has not disclosed who will supply services for music streaming.

Aneeda, according to Will.i.am will only get smarter and more intelligent because it is an open platform for other developers to develop more skills.
Hopefully, the "Dial" will be more of a success than Will.i.am's previous tech innovations.