Caitlyn Jenner Considers Gender Confirmation Surgery #CAPFashionNews

Will Caitlyn Go Through With Gender Confirmation Surgery?
Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn isn't quite ready to open up about gender confirmation surgery (she repeatedly said the issue made her "uncomfortable"), but she did sit down with Dr. Marci Bowers to discuss the procedure. "Probably the most private thing for a trans person to talk about is probably way down there what's happening," Caitlyn explained. "But, why not [talk to] Marci?"

Dr. Bowers explained the surgery for both Caitlyn and TV viewers who are confused about what's involved. "Everything that a man has a woman has as well," she said. "Really, that's the basis of the surgery. Is that embryologically, there is a transition from female anatomy to male anatomy. When you're doing the reverse, you simply undo all those steps."
Caitlyn asked if her "sexual experience" would still be the same, and Dr. Bowers confirmed that the "vast, vast majority" of people are still able to orgasm because — as Caitlyn explained — "the clitoris is the head of the penis."
So, will Caitlyn go through with gender confirmation surgery? It's unclear. "I have no idea what the future holds, but it is really interesting to talk about this issue," she said.

Checking in on Scott Disick

The Lord is back! Scott Disick spent the day decorating for the holidays with Caitlyn, and he got real about his sobriety after his split with Kourtney Kardashian and stint in rehab. "I'm obviously not drinking or doing drugs," he said. "So, I'm just alone with my thoughts every night, and it's tough." 
Scott also told Caitlyn that he hopes to reconcile with Kourtney. "I think that that would be, like, the dream," he said. "End of the day, I would love to see us work everything out, and be in love again, and watch movies together, and be intimate, and love each other, and be best friends. But I also don't want to just rush into something that doesn't make sense."