Jay Naidoo: Government as a whole is imploding #CAPupdate

Naidoo has pointed to the absence of leadership from government during the Fees Must Fall protests

JOHANNESBURG – The Congress of South African Trade Unions’ founding general secretary Jay Naidoo says the absence of leadership from government during the protests
over higher education funding is another sign that government as a whole is imploding.
Naidoo was part of an initiative to create a peace accord at Wits University yesterday after two weeks of violent protests at the institution.
But the initiative came to a halt after students demanded that vice chancellor Adam Habib leave the Holy Trinity Church where the meeting was being held.
The unionist says that violence cannot be used to force a solution to the lack of money for higher education.
“The solution to providing free, quality, decolonised education can never be in the hands of vice-chancellors. This is an issue to which government has to come to the table, and there has to be a process to which there has to be a negotiation.”
And he says this shows how government is simply absent.
“We are finding ourselves in a terrible situation, and I think that the political centre has imploded government and there is a war going on between different sections in government.”
He says people need to stand up to try and find solutions to these problems.

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