Student wants to use NMMU zebras as 'hostages' #CAPupdate

Port Elizabeth - A Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University student threatened to take the university’s zebras hostage as the Fees Must Fall movement and management continue to clash over the reopening of the university.

The university’s main campus was declared a private nature reserve in 1983.
The reserve covers 830 hectares and is dominated by the St Francis Dune Thicket vegetation with a wide variety of animals.
The "threat" was initially made in a voice note circulated on Thursday evening after the university announced that it would be reopening campus on Friday to prepare for classes to resume on Monday.
“I think it’s time to go take those zebras, capture those zebras. Every day we take one zebra and we will tell management if you don’t do what we are telling you, we will deal with these zebras accordingly. Amandla,” the student said in the voicenote.
The notion quickly spread on social media, with students posting comments and generating memes targeting the zebras and suggesting that the animals should be braaied to feed the protesting students.

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