The Best Way to Stay Hydrated During Winters #CAP

There are numerous claims stating that at least eight glasses (3 liters) of water every day is a standard for human beings in order to stay properly hydrated. However, there is little to no evidence actually supporting these claims.

Furthermore, with winter in full swing these days across most areas in Pakistan, keeping up with this recommended water intake can be challenging, as the more water you drink, the more of it is excreted out of the body due to the cold weather.
So what’s the best solution to stay hydrated during the winters? The answer is a warm glass of milk!
Warm Milk Is the Best Way to Stay Hydrated During Winter
A recently published British study suggests that milk is among the few beverages other than water which are capable of keeping the body hydrated for longer. The study was able to conclude that milk is highly efficient for hydration as it contains electrolytes and nutrients such as potassium and sodium, which enable it to stay longer in the body and provide more hydration.
Why Water Fails to Provide Sufficient Hydration in Cold Weather
As discussed above, drinking excessive water in cold weather leads to increased burden on the kidneys, and resultantly more than half of the water intake is excreted out of the body. Understandably, it’s no use consuming 8 glasses of water a day if half of that intake will exit your body almost immediately. On top of this, when it comes to hydrating, the recommended water intake usually varies between people who work out and people who don’t. However, when you add milk to this equation in reference to the aforementioned study, there are no divided opinions as milk is equally recommended for one and all, specifically during cold weather.
As such, warm milk is undoubtedly the best beverage to consume during winters. Not only does it allow you to stay hydrated for longer periods, but it also provides warmth to your body, and we all know how important that is during these chilling temperatures.
Something to Keep in Mind about Warm Milk
One thing you might want to keep in mind as far as drinking warm milk is concerned, is that you should refrain from boiling the milk. As brands like Olper’s have accurately pointed out, conventional boiling leads to significant loss in the nutritional content of the milk. While drinking milk, it is extremely important that the milk retains all the goodness and provides you wholesome nourishment. This is not possible with boiled milk. To be precise, approximately 36% of the nutrients in milk are lost if it’s boiled. This further leads to a net loss of 24% of Vitamin B6 in milk.

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