Saturday, 16 July 2016

Everythin Raw tonight @Kospotong Braamfontein Hosted by "Joassycan Pro & Royalted Khweenz" #CAPEvent

Its all about everything #Raw tonight @Kospotong Braamfontein, Its gonna be loud and fun with #Kalifonia Bebekingcan fresh from Nigeria, Blue Nation, Obby Nice Mr Banana, Bugga King, S Kudos, K-Style and B-Shoe. DJs: DJ Yemite, DJ H2k and DJ Mac Shxwty.

Everything is gonna be #Raw to night!!!

Dont miss out!!!
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Enjoy AGAIN (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 79) #CAPComedy

Friday, 15 July 2016

Enjoy L.A.X - GIMME DAT (Official Video) #CAPMusic #FreshMusicVideo

Celebrating the badder than the baddest "DJ Yemite Southy Oba Mix" Birthday Party in Grand style tonight #CAPUpdate

South Africa are you ready for tonight? We celebrating International "DJ Yemite Southy Oba Mix" Birthday Party in Grand style tonight @NewYorkClub Four-way.

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Blue latte: the vegan coffee that smells of seaweed and contains no caffeine #CAPHealthTip

Name: Blue latte.
Age: Less than a week old.
Appearance: Blue.
What on earth goes into a latte to make it blue? Ginger, lemon, coconut milk, agave and blue algae powder.
That sounds a bit experimental. It’s very popular. The blue latte was onlyintroduced at Melbourne’s vegan Matcha Mylkbar last Saturday, and they’ve already sold more than 100 of them, at A$8 (£4.60) each.
Nearly a fiver for a coffee? Well, no, not exactly. Coffee is not among the listed ingredients of the blue latte.
What? How can you charge nearly a fiver for a latte with no actual coffee in it? It’s down to the blue algae, which costs as much as $3 a gram and is said to have powerful antioxidant properties. Customers can’t get enough of it.
For that money, it must taste fantastic. “It has a strong seaweed-type smell,” says someone who has tried it. According to staff at Matcha Mylkbar, it’s reminiscent of sour milk, with a tart aftertaste.
A hugely expensive blue coffee that tastes terrible and contains no caffeine. Why do people keep coming back? Because the blue latte is, in beverage terms, eminently Instagram-able.
What does that even mean? It means that many customers appear to be ordering the blue latte so they can post pictures of it on Instagram.
As in: “Check out this disgusting blue drink they sell in Australia”? Australia has long been a trailblazer when it comes to coffee culture. The country isn’t in thrall to big chains such as Starbucks, and independent craft coffee brewers have introduced a lot of innovation.

They must be among the first to remove coffee from the equation. The flat white, for example, is an Australian invention.
And they must be at the absolute forefront when it comes to charging. If you’re budget-conscious, Matcha Mylkbar also do a beetroot latte for just $5.
No thank you. They also have a mushroom latte for $7, if your wallet will stretch to it.
Are you sure they aren’t just selling soup by the glass? Not entirely, no.
Do say: “Large blue please, mate – not too much ginger, extra algae and four sugars.”
Don’t say: “It’s that colour because we add a touch of antifreeze, which has powerful anti-freezing properties.”
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#CAPEvent "Keeping Up with Bolo Jay of G-Force Record" Tonight @MolokoPretoria #CAPUpdate

Naija Party with Bolo Jay & Friends

Lets turn up for Bolo Jay of G-force Record tonight at one of the busiest  Night club in Pretoria "Moloko" 
Exclusive Naija Party with Bolo Jay and Friends. 

Featuring: Mikky Jaggs, Greg XV, LPEE, Pinky Jay, Demmie Vee, Gbangucci, Mr Bergiefresh, Its all going down tonight.

Dont miss out.

Enjoy YG - Still Brazy #CAPNew

Five ways to wear... chino shorts – in pictures #CAPFashion

Chino shorts could actually be the only shorts you need in your wardrobe (except maybe denim, which we’ll get to another time). J Crew’s classic Stanton shorts are cut from a washed cotton twill that feels pre-worn – in a good way. They’re perfect for the preppy look, but work with more than just a polo shirt. Style with a blazer and Breton stripe for a neat Riviera look, or team with all black for a more grungy vibe. Roll the hem to keep the look casual

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Trump postpones expected unveiling of Mike Pence as VP after attack in Nice #CAPNews

Donald Trump has postponed an event in which he was expected to unveil Mike Pence as his vice-presidential candidate after the tragedy in Nice, France, in which more than 60 people were killed.
A Republican source had told the Guardian that the Republican frontrunner had chosen Pence, the governor of Indiana, to be his running mate.
Pence would represent a safe choice who would solidify the Republican base and is popular with social conservatives.
In order to choose Pence, Trump had to make a decision by noon on Friday, the deadline for the Indiana governor to drop his bid for re-election. Indiana law prevents a candidate for seeking election to multiple offices.
Trump had announced that he will officially unveil his vice-presidential choice at 11am on Friday in New York but tweeted Thursday night “in light of the horrible attack in Nice, France, I have postponed tomorrow’s news conference concerning my vice presidential announcement.”
The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment as to when the announcement would be rescheduled.
Trump’s campaign chair, Paul Manafort, insisted the decision had not yet been made on Thursday. Later Trump’s oldest son Donald Trump Jr said the same to NBC News.
But a Republican source told the Guardian that the choice will be Pence.
Multiple other media outlets, including the Indy Star in Pence’s home state, also confirmed the selection.
The decision seems to represent an attempt to unite the Republican party and bring political experience to the businessman’s campaign.
Trump has spent much of the last week in Indiana, grounded by an aircraft malfunction to his private jet, and whiled away the days by holding de facto auditions with three contenders: Pence, New Jersey governor Chris Christie and former House speaker Newt Gingrich.
The three who spoke with Trump in the last week gave speeches that doubled as dress rehearsals for the campaign trial, and Pence also met with Trump’s adult children Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr, who have assumed leading roles in their father’s campaign.

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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Mavado - Caribbean Girls "Dedicated to Sonia Bakombo" aka #Sonican #CAPTeam

"Industreet Night with BShoe Music" live in Johannesburg #CAPEvent

"InduStreetNight" hosting one of the fast rising act from the western part of Africa  BShoe  Music tomorrow Friday, Live in Johannesburg, Featuring Bebekingcan, Blue Nation, Kstyle, Obby Nice, S kudos & Buga King.
DJ Yemite, DJ Maf, Segz da Beat, DJ H2k, DJ Swiz & DJ Dave. 

Venue: Malalaituka Yeoville, Johannesburg, SA.
Date: Friday 16th July, 2016
Time: 8:00 P.M Till Dawn.


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+18 "Mavado - So Bazzel" #CAPMusic

South Sudan: Did clashes start over Facebook post? #CAPNews

After days of bloodshed in South Sudan, an uneasy truce is in effect in the world's youngest nation,where soldiers slaughtered dozens last week.
South Sudan President Salva Kiir and Vice President Riek Machar appealed for calm after days of heavy fightingbetween their soldiers.
Kiir and Machar have separate forces loyal to each side, but more on that later. The two rivals have been embroiled in a power struggle for years, with forces loyal to both engaging in battles and civilians trapped in the crossfires.
Five years after seceding from neighboring Sudan, the fledgling nation got mired in yet another conflict -- this time on the anniversary of its independence.
What initiated the latest clashes? Did they start over a Facebook post? Or was the violence triggered by an attack on a checkpoint? You asked, and we answered.

What is happening in South Sudan?

In 2011, South Sudan split from its northern neighbor, Sudan, in a contentious divorce brokered by international diplomats to end one of the world's longest civil wars.
The split ended decades of violence and bloodshed between South Sudan, which is predominantly Christian, and its Muslim neighbor, Sudan.
Jubilant South Sudan citizens danced in the streets after gaining independence from Sudan. Many believed war was finally behind them and a peaceful existence awaited.
But things have been far from peaceful, and rival factions have turned on one another since the split.
This weekend marked the fifth anniversary of South Sudan's independence. But instead of celebrating another year as a sovereign nation, violence erupted.

Why is South Sudan fighting?

Kiir and Machar are central characters at the heart of the infighting.
The two leaders have been embroiled in a power struggle since late 2013, when the President accused the vice president of trying to oust him through a coup.
The same year, the President fired his entire Cabinet, including the vice president.
Chaos ensued as forces loyal to both battled. Violence quickly spread, with reports of mass killings emerging nationwide.
The three years of violence has left at least 50,000 people dead, more than 2 million displaced and nearly 5 million others facing severe food shortages.
The conflict has taken ethnic undertones as each side stakes its loyalties --- the Nuer tribe backs Machar while the President hails from the Dinka tribe. Militia sometimes separates terrified residents by ethnicity and massacres those from rival tribes, the United Nations said.
The Dinka and Nuer are the country's biggest ethnic groups, with Dinka the largest at 36% and the Nuer at 16 %, according to the CIA World Factbook.

Why was the vice president reinstated?

As the bloodshed continued, an exasperated international community appealed to Kiir and Machar to do whatever it takes to stop the violence.
As part of a peace deal to end the civil war, the President reinstated his political rival in February. Machar reclaimed his old job as vice president, but troops loyal to each side were not as forgiving, and clashed sporadically.

What role did social media play in the violence?

Depends whom you ask.
South Sudan's ambassador to Kenya told local media that a social media post led to the recent outbreak of violence, which left about 150 people dead.
The vice president's spokesman posted a message on Facebook last week saying Machar was detained at the presidential palace, while he was in fact meeting with the President, the ambassador alleged.
Forces loyal to Machar stepped into action, opening fire outside the palace, Kenyan media quoted the ambassador as saying. When the vice president's forces tried to forcefully enter the palace to check on him, clashes ensued, the ambassador alleged.
CNN has reached out to the ambassador but has not heard back.
The vice president's spokesman, James Gatdet Dak, slammed the ambassador's accusations.
"Look at this liar who calls himself an ambassador in Kenya," he posted on Facebook. "These people such as this ambassador in Kenya will never learn to tell the truth. They pride in lying."
Other media reports have said the violence started after clashes between the two sides at a checkpoint Thursday killed several soldiers loyal to Kiir.

Is South Sudan safe?

In a country that has not seen much peace in recent years, most nations are not taking chances.
Kenya's largest airline, Kenya Airways, canceled flights to the capital of Juba when the clashes broke out.
The United States has ordered the evacuation of all nonessential embassy employees, and two charter flights will depart Juba for Uganda on Thursday. Britain advised against all travel to South Sudan, saying the security situation is deteriorating.
Germany is evacuating its citizens while a plane carrying Italian and European citizens left for Djibouti. India has warned its citizens in the nation to register at its embassy in Juba and stay indoors as the government works to evacuate all nationals.
The effects of the fighting are spreading internationally. One Chinese peacekeeper was killed and six others injured last week.

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Fresh From Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better The Official Visual #CAPMusic

"Check this out" Street Rapper Impresses Rick Ross #CAPUpdate #CityAlertPlus

Justin Timberlake Honors Retired Athletes Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning & Abby Wambach at 2016 ESPYs #CAPNews

Justin Timberlake took the stage at the 2016 ESPY Awards to honor former Los Angeles LakerKobe Bryant, Denver Broncos' recent Super Bowl-winning quarterback Peyton Manning and Olympic gold medalist and pro soccer player Abby Wambach for their contributions to their respective sports over the years.
By first reliving each athlete's triumphant career, the audience witnessed three packages highlighting the beginning, middle and end of their journeys. During these clips, fans described memorable moments, achievements, devastating injuries, astonishing comebacks and their last moments in the sport.
Afterwards, Timberlake presented Manning, Wombach and Bryant with the Icon Award.

"This is a great night, and to be recognized along with two legends is very special," Manning said. "Watching those films, all I could think about was how fortunate the three of us, and really of us in this room, are, because really sports wouldn't mean nothing without the fans"
He continued, "Now that my time is up as a player, I'm looking forward to being a fan again."
Wambach echoed similar sentiments, telling the crowd that it's "such an honor to be up here," and then telling her fellow recipients, "you guys are my heroes."
The pro female athlete admitted, "I never wanted to be completely defined by my sport. I wanted people to see who I was appreciate me as a person, not just as an athlete," and concludes that she is the most proud of leaving a legacy that promotes equal opportunity.
"I'm excited as I've ever been to see what's next."
Once Kobe was up to speak, he was greeted with crowd chanting his name. "It's amazing to be standing here," he said.
"I have a lot of respect for these two. I know the sacrifices that went along with standing here today...We're up here because we had a dream and let nothing stand in our way…We were never satisfied, never finished, we'll never be retired."
Kobe then shared a quote he always admired that was first given to him by his high school English teacher: "Rest at the end not in the middle."
He said, "I believe there's time for resting at the end, but for me, this is not the end," Bryant exclaimed, noting that he wants to get involved with inspiring the next generation of athletes and sports fans.
On the red carpet, Bryant joked that he's using this time off to work on strengthening his house work. "I'm [working on my] ironing skills and washing the dishes."
His wife, Vanessa, added, "He still needs to learn how to pick up after himself."
"It's [about] having a Mamba mentality carried through house chores as well," Bryant joked.

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ENjoy D'Banj - Superstar (If No be God) | Official Video 2016 #CAPMusic #MusicVideo

John Cena Brings the Funny While Hosting the 2016 ESPY Awards #CAPNews

OK, John Cena. We see you.
Some may have been thrown off-guard with the network's choice to have the wrestler host tonight's ESPY Awards (something even Cena pokes fun of during the show), but the E! star came out swingin' with some great one-liners and memorable zingers.
The best was when Cena couldn't help but laugh at his own jokes. And believe us when we say, nobody was safe from being called out tonight.
Following a somber and powerful speech by NBA's Carmelo AnthonyChris PaulDwyane Wade and LeBron James on the recent tragedies and injustice involving law enforcement and people of color, Cena took the stage to kick off the show with an impressive monologue.

Right off the bat, the emcee of tonight's show poked fun at the NBA draft, the
2016 summer Olympics and why he's hosting tonight, "instead of someone else like Kevin Hart."
He explains that the WWE is scripted (spoiler alert!) and so, there's a lot of crossover with professional sports. For example, "Cleveland won something," he says, and adds that the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA Championship must have been scripted, because there's no way that actually happened.
Cena also points to Peyton Manning's love story with the NFL, Odell Beckham's look,Tim Duncan's retirement ("He announces it in the middle of the night in the off-season, what a diva right?") and other various sports moments that seem fit for entertainment.
This all led to the host to conclude, "Maybe on the night when sport meets entertainment, they got the perfect host"
During a skit later in the show, Cena and his casting agent go through auditions to try and find a child like Riley Curry for a memorable press conference, and, well, he couldn't choose just one, so he had a bunch of little cuties that totally stole the show.
Cena also did an outstanding job in his ability to turn his comedian hat off and get serious.
There were a number of emotional moments throughout the night, including the tribute toZaevoion Dobson, Jimmy V Award recipient Craig Sager's empowering speech, and the musical tribute to Muhammad Ali.
All in all, we've gotta say, John Cena may not have been the obvious choice, but he was a good one.
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Monday, 11 July 2016

+18 African Primitive Tribes Rituals and Ceremonies [Part 11] Arbore Tribe, ...

"Portugal wins EURO 2016" Portugal 1-0 France: five talking points from the Euro 2016 final #CAPSportNews

In the end, Cristiano Ronaldo had his hands on the trophy even if it was not the way the ultimate showman had intended. Portugal, the team that finished third in their group, had found a way even on a night when their greatest footballer was taken off on a stretcher. The players of France were on their knees and suddenly it was a sunrise of a smile on Ronaldo’s face, in stark contrast to the devastation that had been seen earlier in the night.

Has any player been through as many contrasting emotions in the space of a major final? Ronaldo was in tears when he left the pitch with his damaged knee in the first half. He had tried desperately to carry on and when he finally accepted it was futile it felt like a grievous setback to Portugal’s hopes of denying France the outcome that would have meant so much in this city. Ronaldo looked broken. The final was deprived of its main attraction and at that stage it was tempting to wonder whether his team-mates truly believed they could cope.
Portugal subsequently played like a team affronted by the suggestion they might be overly reliant on one man. They gave everything to keep out France during the long passages when the host nation put them under pressure.

For France, it was a galling way to end the tournament, but the truth for Didier Deschamps and his players is that they did not show enough wit and creativity around the penalty area. Olivier Giroud had one of his frustrating nights, Griezmann faded after an encouraging start and it was strange that Deschamps decided to take off Dimitri Payet in the 57th minute when the West Ham player had been troubling his opponents. Maybe the enormity of the occasion was weighing on French minds, or perhaps it worked against them that they had a day fewer than Portugal to prepare. Whatever the truth, they will be left to contemplate why they were unable to take advantage of Ronaldo’s misfortune.

The injury occurred after eight minutes when Payet’s knee followed through, at speed, into the side of Ronaldo’s left leg and there was not a single moment from that point onwards when the Real Madrid player looked pain-free.
Nine minutes later he was down again, signalling for help, before being taken off for a second round of treatment. This being Ronaldo, there was a desperate attempt to see how far his powers could stretch, but it always seemed unrealistic when he made one last attempt to run it off. Ronaldo finally conceded defeat in the 25th minute and collapsed to the ground for the third occasion.
The ovation as he was carried off suggested the crowd recognised genuine greatness. His team-mates, however, seemed intent on making sure his absence was not the decisive factor.

congratulations to Portugal on a famous triumph in considerable adversity. Night!

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#CAPComedy HOLLYWOOD STANDARD (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 78) #CityAlertPlus

Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Already Talking About Kids: She Thinks He "Would Make a Great Dad"

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's relationship appears to be moving forward even faster than originally thought.
Less than a month after they made their romance public, the 26-year-old pop star sees the 35-year-old Thor actor as husband material and the two have also talked about their desire to have kids one day, a source told E! News exclusively Sunday.
"This is the kind of a man she would want to marry," the source said. "She has said he would make a great dad. They have talked about what they want in the future and kids are something that they would both like down the line. They have very real and serious conversations about life."