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Meet Augustine Mbachu the CEO of Aloma Entertainment Nigeria/South Africa Label operating from the Heartbeat of RSA "Johannesburg" to the rest of the World. (Talent Hunter 1) #CAPUpdate

Meet Augustine Mbachu the CEO of Aloma Entertainment an entertainment company fully registered in South Africa/Nigeria operating from the heartbeat of Republic of South Africa "Johannesburg" to the rest of the world. Mr Augustine Mbachu came from Western part of Africa "Nigeria" to base and also build his entertainment company here in South Africa in order to discover more talents.
I came to South Africa to search for more talents and also conbine the western and southern style of music together in order to give africa and the rest of the world another style of music, There is nothing new under the planet we are just trying to show our creativity by doing new things, Creating new part for up and coming act and the ready made stars, Thats why we are Talent hunters. 
"Augustine Mbachu CEO Aloma ENtertainment"  told #Cityalertplus

Kalifonia "South African" K-Style "Nigerian" and Manize "Nigerian" are the official artistes currently signed and operating under Aloma Entertainment.Aloma tertainment is all about discovering Talents/creative minds and also Rebranding them to the world standard, we believe so mush in real talents and also support them to the fullest.

Meaning of "ALOMA"
People with this name have a deep inner desire to lead, organize, supervise, and to achieve status, power and wealth.

Our Services

Music Production "Audio/Video" | Music Promotions Online/Offline | Record Deal | Artiste Management | Events | All Round Entertainment

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Or Contact: +27110549348 | +27837477300

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Donald Trump accepts presidential nomination #CAPNews

Donald Trump conjured a dire picture Thursday of an America sliding deeper into poverty, violence and corruption and declared himself the only person who could avert disaster.
Accepting the Republican nomination in Cleveland, the billionaire twice pledged to be a "voice" for working Americans, restore law and order and to confound elites and doubters by winning the White House in November.
    "Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it," Trump said. "My message is that things have to change -- and they have to change right now."
    Trump, whose unpredictable campaign has broken every rule of politics, portrayed America as a broken nation that only he can fix.
    "I have a message for all of you: the crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon come to an end," he said. "Beginning on January 20th, 2017, safety will be restored."
    Trump's lengthy address — clocking in at one hour and 15 minutes — was the most crucial moment yet in his transformation from a brash tycoon and reality star with a sometimes vulgar tongue to a politician on the cusp of the presidency with an expansive vision of disruptive change. Trump took the opportunity to attempt to soothe divisions in both the country as a whole and his party, where tensions were exposed Wednesday by Ted Cruz's refusal to endorse Trump.
    Trump took the opportunity to attempt to soothe divisions in both the country as a whole and his party, where tensions were exposed Wednesday by Ted Cruz's refusal to endorse Trump.
    "Our convention occurs at a moment of crisis for our nation. The attacks on our police, and the terrorism in our cities, threaten our very way of life," he said. "Any politician who does not grasp this danger is not fit to lead our country."
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    Tales of a child bride: 'My father sold me for 12 cows' #CAPNews

    When she was 12, Grace was abducted and then raped and beaten every day for 11 months.

    So common are the practices of abduction, rape and forced marriage of girls in northern Tanzania that a single word is used to encapsulate them all: kupura. It is a word used by people from the Sukuma tribe to describe the snatching of girls in broad daylight as they walk to school; a three-syllabled euphemism that downplays their long-term physical and sexual abuse.

    And yet here in the region of Shinyanga, the practice of kupura is validated by the oft-recited motto of Sukuma men: alcohol, meat and vagina.
    "This slogan is in their blood and a way of life," says Revocatus Itendelebanya. "These are the three things they feel entitled to as men."
    Itendelebanya, the legal and gender officer for the local NGO, Agape, says this sense of entitlement, in what is a perennially patriarchal society, also explains why passers-by don't intervene when they witness an abduction.
    "When a Sukuma man is attracted to a girl he will start asking people where she lives, and what her routine is," explains Itendelebanya.
    "Once he finds out these details he might wait for her near the borehole - or whatever he thinks is the best place to get that girl - and then grab her."
    Kupura is so prevalent in the region that when a girl disappears, her parents will suspect what has happened. But rather than calling the police, they will seek the man out not to rescue their child, but to negotiate the dowry - or bride price - in cattle.
    Cash cows
    For daughters are sadly seen as a short-term investment for poor, rural households - cash cows that can boost a family's financial position at the expense of a girl's schooling and wellbeing.
    Such is the value placed on a girl's head that Itendelebanya says parents will take their daughters to a witch-doctor if they are not attracting any suitors.
    The ensuing samba ritual involves cutting cruciform nicks into the girl's chest and hands with a razor to not only help cleanse her of her bad luck, but to make her more attractive to older men.

    And if ever there was a poster child to highlight the pernicious effects of child marriage, it's Grace Masanja.
    "Bitterness still fills my heart when I look at them," she says, pointing at the cows grazing at the rear of her family's compound. For Grace they are a daily reminder of how she was treated like cattle, a commodity to be bought and sold.
    "But given what I went through, I sometimes wish I had been born a cow," she whispers.
    Her father had bartered a dozen cattle for his daughter but, despite daily beatings with sticks and her father's belt, she still refused to marry the older man.
    But a deal had been made; a dowry had been paid.
    And so it was that Grace was abducted on motorbike by her betrothed early one morning - all with the complicity of her father.
    That night, and every day for the next 11 months, she was raped and beaten.
    She was only 12.
    "That day felt like the end of everything," Grace recalls, glancing again at the cattle.
    A country of contradictions
    When it comes to child marriage, Tanzania was until very recently a country of contradictions.
    The 1971 Marriage Act set the minimum age of marriage for girls at 15 with parental consent - but a girl of 14 could wed where judicial approval was given.
    And while the 2009 Child Act did not expressly outlaw child marriage, it did define a child as a person under the age of 18, stating that a parent should "protect the child from neglect, discrimination, violence, abuse, exposure to physical and moral hazards and oppression".

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    Thursday, 21 July 2016

    Wizkid "Wizzy" - Baba Nla - Full Biography + List of Awards #CAPArtisteoftheweek #CAPMusic

    Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, better known by his stage name Wizkid, is a Nigerian recording artist, songwriter and performer. He started his musical career at age 11, releasing a collaborative album with Glorious Five entitled Lil Prinz. Wikipedia
    BornJuly 16, 1990 (age 26), Surulere, Nigeria.
    Label: Star Boy International 
    SonBoluwatife Balogun

    Wizkid and Chris Brow

    Wizkid Baba Nla Full and updated Biography 

    Enjoy Tinie Tempah - Mamacita ft. Wizkid (Official Video) #CAPMusicViceo #CAPMusic

    Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabi "Must die in office" #CAPnews

    The march in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare, must have been a huge psychological boost for President Robert who is facing growing calls to resign as the economic crisis in the southern African state worsens. 
    The 92-year-old Mr Mugabe was not in attendance, but the ruling Zanu-PF party's youth wing - which organised the march - announced that he had donated 1,000 hectares of residential stands for the building of homes. 
    Youth leader Kudzai Chipanga said that by the 2018 election, young people would own homes and be landlords, not lodgers. 
    Talk of the 2018 election was a dominant theme at the rally, with supporters of Mr Mugabe calling on Zimbabweans to unite behind him. 
    One man at the rally told me:
    "Mr Mugabe is my hero. We are happy with his leadership."

    This is not the view of many other Zimbabweans who point out that the country is facing such a severe financial and economic crisis that civil servants aren't even paid on time.
    They question whether solidarity marches are enough to save Mr Mugabe - and the country.
    They say Zimbabwe needs solutions - and quickly.
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    Up and coming artistes in Africa especially in Nigeria must emulate 2face, AY to succeed – Malam Yankee #CAPNews

    Yankee Entertainment boss and Chairman of the Bank club, Abuja, Kehinde Adegbite, AKA, Mallam Yankee, has dished out advice to up and coming entertainers, saying humility will take them beyond their set targets.
    He urged them to borrow a leaf from the likes of Nigerian music star, 2face Idibia and popular comedian, Ayo Makun, aka AY, who according to him are the most consistent entertainers in the country.
    Speaking exclusively with City Alert Plus, the entertainment guru noted that his benevolence towards up and coming acts will not cease notwithstanding how some of them claim to forget how they made it to the top through his assistance.
    It would be recalled that Mallam Yankee has contributed in one way or the other towards the building and transformation of the careers of some Nigerian artists.
    The likes of D’Banj, Olamide, Tekno, X-buster, MI, Jessy Jagz, among others have benefited from his gestures which saw them to the top.
    The stars, however, have consequently remained loyal ever since then.
    The entertainment tycoon, insisting he does not look out for what he would benefit from the artistes by supporting their career said, “I do it out of love, kindness and concern for the industry. It’s more like a humanitarian stuff.
    “Their exposure and fulfillment matter a lot to me.
    “Although along the line, some of these artistes claim to forget who contributed to their successes, yet I don’t think they forget that I helped them, I think the pride in them makes it seem they forget. For me, it is soldier go soldier come, barrack remains, an artist can’t remain with you forever.”
    Mallam Yankee also noted that impatience is the problem with most artistes.
    While urging them to be patient and loyal, he said, “Impatience is their major problem.
    “They want to blow by force; they wouldn’t want to know what someone like 2Baba did to get to where he is.
    “When someone signs them up and you are trying to promote them, they won’t want to be patient enough; they are too in a hurry to make it,” the entertainment guru added.
    Continuing, he said, “These new artistes should take a cue from 2Baba. His humility, sincerity and focus works for him. Also, AY is another successful example to follow. All my events with him have been too successful and he is someone who is too hard working.” 
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    Wednesday, 20 July 2016

    Passengers stranded as aviation fuel scarcity bites harder in Nigeria #CAPNews

    As the ongoing scarcity of aviation fuel, otherwise known as called Jet-A1 continues to bite harder, passengers were stranded at airports across the country on Monday.
    It was gathered that the scarcity of the product had resulted in the delay or outright cancellation of some of their flights across the country.
    Checks at the domestic terminals of the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos, show that many airlines were forced to either cancel or reschedule most of their flights due to the scarcity of aviation fuel, thus, leaving many intending travelers stranded.
    Punch reports that as at 5pm, stranded passengers heading for Abuja from the Lagos airport were unable to book substitute flights as all flights to the Federal Capital Territory had been fully booked.
    Arik Air announced that it was struggling with flight schedule disruptions due to the sternness of the situation across the country.
    It stated that since the beginning of the year, the country had been battling with inadequate supply of aviation fuel leading in most cases to severe shortage of the product and consequently the disruption of flight operations.
    According to the carrier, for the past week, it has had to face another round of aviation fuel scarcity, which got worse over the weekend, leading to many flight delays and cancellations.
    The airline operates an average of 120 daily flights requiring about 500,000 litres of fuel each day.
    Arik stated, “Due to the large number of domestic and international flights, it is the most impacted by the inability of oil marketers to meet its daily fuel requirements on a timely and consistent basis. This has forced the airline to postpone flights, while waiting for the fuel marketers to source and deliver the product.
    “On many occasions, despite all efforts in engaging the marketers if fuel cannot be sourced, the flights may eventually be cancelled, causing not only revenue loss for the airline, but also inconveniencing or stranding the passengers.”
    It added, “There is also a distribution challenge as the discharging of vessels bringing Jet-A1 and other petroleum products are done in the same Jetty, and loading various trucks for distribution to cities like Kano or Abuja takes considerable effort and time.”

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    South Africa to return seized $15m to Nigeria soon – Defence Secretary #CAPNews

    South Africa has disclosed that the $15m meant for arms purchase seized from Nigeria will soon be returned.
    South African Secretary for Defence and Military Veterans, Dr. Sam Gulube, made the confirmation to newsmen after the opening ceremony of the Nigeria-South Africa Defence Industry inaugural seminar on Monday in Abuja.
    President Jacob Zuma of South Africa had, while on a three-day state visit to Nigeria in March, promised that the money would be released after all the investigations were concluded.
    In his words Gulube also assured that the “issue had been settled”.
    “But to avoid a future recurrence, I would hold a discussion with my counterparts and look into the legal framework to ensure that seizure of funds doesn’t recur,” he said.
    He lauded the nation’s leading roles during South Africa’s struggle with apartheid, adding that all the people that fought for his country’s liberation received military and academic trainings in Nigeria.
    On the seminar, Gulube, an apartheid era combatant, said it “would play critical roles to ensure the two countries have peace and security so they can have prosperity.
    “The defence industry have great roles to play in development and economic security and it is only through advancement of defence technology that the two economies can grow and reduce dependence on oil and other mineral resources.”
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    Enjoy BEBE KING CAN 'Baba Nkano' (Official Audio) #JPCRecord #CityAlertplus

    BEBE KING CAN: Bebekingcan 'Baba Nkano' (Official Audio) Emimeent...