Sunday, 2 October 2016

Not too late: Happy Birthday To Our Beloved Country "Nigeria" #TeamCAP

Celebrating the Giant of Africa.

Yesterday October 1st 2016, we celebrated the giant of Africa, our Great Country Nigeria, I pray that the Lord almighty in his sufficient mercy will continue to be with us as a Nation and grow more in Power, Good Leader and most important thing "Peace" across the nation and all over this world.
To all Nigerians across the world, lets come together in spirit and physical to build a stronger and peaceful environment for this generation and the unborn.

Happy Birthday Nigeria. From all of us at #Cityalertplus. 


#CityAlertPlus #CAP
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Sunday Sunday Experience Going Down Today #CapUpdate

If you are a Nigerian living around Gauteng expecially in Johannesburg city and you not at the above venue today, you really missing alot, Suya SUnday Experience going on right now with loads of star artistes Like Buffalo Souljah and lot more.

Come lets celebrate our beloved country Nigeria in a friendly manner.

#CityAlertPlus #CAP
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THE APPRENTICE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 87)

Enjoy this hilarious comedy from Mark Angel comedy.

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