Thursday, 19 October 2017

Video: Reminisce - Ponmile "Chidinma Remix" #CApondaRUN

Pictures:See what this USA air man did to his long time GF. #CApondaRUN

Welcome Home After 6 months in the Middle East, this USAirForce air man asked his girlfriend to marry him.

Pictures: Good News From "Emirate" to their customers across the world #CAPondaRUN

Emirates to receive 100th A380 aircraft in November - Continual upgrades wow customers across 6 continents

B2E Entertainment Present "THE TRAP" #CApondaRUN

B2E Entertainment Present..

You Will Be Trapped In Our (HALLOWEEN) Event So You Have To Be Brave Enough To Attend It

About #B2EEntertainment
Back2Earth Entertainment is a media production company founded in 2007 organized & covered a lot of events worldwide and this year ou SPACESHIP landed here in SA to open our new branch, so here our new event and staytuned for our MAGIC.

Monday, 16 October 2017

World food day

A tour around twitter village today revealed #worldfoodday was trending around the world. As is a lot of hype was created, question is besides the meme’s and challenges, will we leave to commemorate the day and make noise about it next year again. The world's leaders agreed to fight hunger as the first priority of the Millennium Development Goals, but without active participation from the masses it could prove impossible. 
World Food Day was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1980 to commemorate the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in 1945 (resolution 35/70). The official goal of the day is to "heighten public awareness of the world food problem and strengthen solidarity in the struggle against hunger, malnutrition and poverty."
More than 850 million people in the world are hungry, with the majority found in Asia and Sub Saharan Africa. With estimate that 40 million people die each year because of hunger and diseases related to malnutrition and many of them are children! The sad truth is there is more than enough food in the world to ensure that no one need ever go hungry. Those who wish for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world are helping to make ending world hunger a major priority.

World Food Day / End Hunger Day is an opportunity for the global community to unite in an effort to help raise awareness about the global problem of hunger and make individual endeavors to end hunger.


Sunday, 15 October 2017

The youth will decide

By Julius Mashifane

Last week I woke up to surprising news. Well not so surprising considering the recent turn of events in our political landscape. I came across several posts on social media, congratulating the EFF Student Command on the white wash victory at the Venda University of Technology (VUT) SRC polls. A victory for the EFFSC was not surprising, what surprised me was that they won all seats in the student’s council. 
When the ANC couldn’t win local elections on the 3rd of August last year, they said that was a wakeup call, when masses marched to the union buildings under the banner of EFF on the 2nd of November they said that was a wakeup call, when the public started to “boo” ANC leaders including their president who happens to be state president they said that was another wakeup call. I wonder how many wakeup calls you must get before one wakes up. This is the biggest wakeup call and if the elephant fails to wake up now we should declare it dead.
Currently the EFFSC is in charge of the SRC of many institutions of higher learning. Remember that this is where intellectuals are produced. The society is steadily becoming more learned and more conscious of the political processes and more fed-up of corruption. South Africa’s population is largely composed of youth which means the future leadership of this country is in their votes. I think one of the reasoning we saw a decline of ANC votes, leading to it losing some metros was due to the increased number of young people that came out to vote. For me it was the first time seeing such hype around local elections, even party spending on campaigns was on another level.
We are moving towards a socialist society, leaders of tomorrow are already leaders of today and we should take our cue from that. Leaders don’t just emerge, the apartheid was defeated by the youth of that time mostly emerged from institutions of higher learning just like we see it happen today. I hear that during campaigns at VUT the ANCYL was giving away T-shirts and KFC meals, yet failed to secure a single seat in the student council.
 The days of giving people palliative treatment and not real solutions to their problems or at least showing commitment to the course are over. It’s time to show up or shape out. The youth need jobs and money to start businesses or pay their studies. Should they in their majority take their frustrations to the polls, the ANC will be history. The youth hold the deciding power, the future of our state is in their hands.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Obbynice Banana "Official video" Directed by Joassycan Pro

Skaliey Mental "Shinpaka" behind the sacenes Concept by Joassycan Pro

Climax Ent & Peculiar Ent Presents behind the scenes of "Shinpaka"  by Skaliey Mental  Concept by Joassycan Pro City Alert Plus #Suportedby GFXBox, Royalted Khweenz & Creativemindsplus

Obbynice - Surulaye - Concept by Joassycan Pro

City Alert Plus Present  Obbynice ''Surulaye'' The Official Music Video Directed by Joassycan Pro cc CreaTiveminD

Skaliey Mental Shinpaka The making "Pictures" by Joassycan Pro "City Ale...

Climax Entertainment in Conjunction with Peculiar Entertainment Presents Skaliey Mental "Shinpaka" The making "Pictures" by Joassycan Pro "City Alert Plus" cc Billy Que

Friday, 6 October 2017

Video: Ed Sheeran - Perfect "Official Lyric Video" #CAPondaRUN

÷. Out Now:
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Video by
Jonny Costello / Charlotte Audrey / Will Lanham / Henry Wong / Callum Barnes
Illustrations - Steve New Tasty

From My point of view

We need wise Principled teachers

Julius Mashifane

It is unclear what he did but what is clear is how this big woman was assaulting this small disabled boy, then the driver of the school bus joined in and assisted the woman to push the boy out of the bus leaving him lying on the ground crying. I know this sound like some sort of a fiction if you haven’t seen that video of a pupil being assaulted by a teacher, but those who saw it knows how saddening it was to watch, I wonder how the parents                                                                                                       of that child felt like when they saw
it. Just recently I have been following reports of teachers abusing learners. In one of the reports 30 learners have been impregnated by two teachers, Imagine. Remember the saying “Evil triumph when good men do nothing” indeed it does. I wonder where the female teachers were when their male colleagues took advantage of these young girls and made them sex slaves. Were they complicit to it maybe? If they knew what was happening and did nothing that disqualifies them as teachers.
 Whenever teachers embarked on a wage strike I would be on their side no matter the figure they are asking for. I always believed they didn’t even have to propose a figure, they were just supposed to get what they deserved as they carried huge responsibilities with their profession. Teachers are the shape shifters of our society, as they spend more time with children who are our future leaders. Teachers produce teachers, lawyers, doctors, models, presidents, engineers etc.
 The criterion used to appoint teachers is wrong and it is failing all of us. Most teachers of today do not meet the standards required to preside over our society, to mentor our children. The system used to appoint teachers must be revised, so one must prove that they’ve got passion for teaching, before even being allowed to enroll for teaching studies.
Teachers must go through a vigorous process to be appointed; they must prove their worthiness. They must go “Through the eye of the needle” as the ANC document on electing leaders is titled. Sadly I know of people who studied teaching or are being persuaded to study teaching where as they have no passion for it nor the qualities. People study teaching because it is one of the professions with lot of vacancies and a good salary. With the level of unemployment and poverty in this country who will blame them? Well I do if it compromises the quality of education and our children’s livelihood The work of teachers doesn’t start and end with the classroom curriculum, it goes beyond that.
A teacher is a parent to many, a social worker, a motivator, a coach, a role model and could do no wrong. The teachers conduct inside and outside the classroom should complement each other. We know teachers are also human beings and they make those mistakes made by all of us but before the eyes of our children they should appear to be perfect humans until they are at such an age to understand the reality of it.
During the course of my studies I learnt of a modelling theory, which suggests that people’s behaviour is somehow subconsciously influenced by what they see, which they later reproduce when dealing with others. I think this is more applicable to children. Ever wondered why such young boys are perverts, why they’ve got no respect for a girl child, why they are so violent, why young girls see themselves as being cheap, why they have no respect for their bodies, why they do not value education, have you ever wondered why? Children’s mind are vulnerable they cannot make sense on their own they constantly need to be guided and not only by being told what to do but by seeing you do it. We need wise principled teachers!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Video: Mr Eazi ends beef with Runtown & Nigeria - "I represent Africa" & sends...

Mr. Eazi ends beef with Runtown & Nigeria - "I represent Africa" & sends a message to his haters.

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Lets Chop Africa!!!

Monday, 25 September 2017

Video: Wizkid Gives his luxury cars "BENTLEY & G- WAGON" a special treat #CAPondaRUN

Wizkid Gives his luxury cars[BENTLEY & G- WAGON] a special treat

Wizkid today, employs the services of a Luxury car cleaning company in lagos to properly clean his Bentley GT and his mercedez benz G- WAGON !! Wizkid is living the life he deserves.

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Event: Get Ready for the next Jazz Lunch @CAPondaRUN

The next jazz lunch will be held in the Ten Bompas garden 

on the first Sunday of October! Please see the flyer for 


Event: Attend Feya Faku Spirit Unit, Destination Unknown @CAPondaRUN


As we wrap up heritage month, we tip our hat to one of the sons of the sol who has made an immense contribution to South Africa’s cultural scene. We are talking of none other than Port Elizabeth’s Feya Faku.

The trumpet legend describes his approach to music as preparing in a way that gives space to the music to play itself.

As he brings the Spirit Unit, the idea behind this particular band is to explore a different sound, as opposed to the saxophone/ trumpet quintet. To this end, in some parts the band will be broken up to make space for duets and solo performances within the unit.

Video: Questions (Hold Yuh & Turn Me On) - Chris Brown (GYPTIAN & Kevin Lyttle)...

JamieBoy cover of "Questions" by Chris Brown which features lyrics from "Hold Yuh" by GYPTIAN & "Turn Me On" by Kevin Lyttle. | Sub: | IG:
Watch next, "The Weekend" - SZA (Cover):

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Migos Coming to SOuth Africa "Exclusive Culture Tour" @CAPondaRUN

RAIN DROP, DROP TOP. Mabala Noise in
association with MTV Base (DSTV Channel 322), BET Africa (DSTV Channel 129), YFM and Gagasi FM exclusively present international hiphop / trap outfit Migos live in South Africa for the first time this October.

Migos will bring their live show our way this October hitting stages in Durban and Johannesburg. They join us off the back of an extraordinary year-long winning streak that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


Sponsored Post: 6 week beginners salsa course @CAPondaRUN

Things are heating up at The Art of Movement as our 6 week salsa course takes the stage once again. Join this 6 weeks of awesome dancing with awesome people at a studio that will leave you wanting to salsa all night long.

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Dont Miss CultureClash Live @CAPondaRUN

Academy of Sound Engineering presents!

CultureClash LIVE

A selection of performers that have performed at the ASE production weeks, known as "CultureClash"
The event is to be held at Rumours Rock City, Joburg's hottest Live music venue and will be spread across 3 different entertainment areas, Main Stage, Folk/Alternative Stage and a Digital Stage.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Video: Eedris Abdulkareem at it again - Drops another letter for Nigerians #CAPondaRUN

Trouble dey sleep Eedris Abdulkareem - Featuring Konga


Legendary Hip Hop act, Eedris Abdulkareem has urged the Nigerian elite to be patriotic and 

lead by example in his latest single release titled "TROUBLE DEY SLEEP". The single 


in response to the Honourable Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed's call on practitioners of 

the creative industry not to take their video production abroad. This calls on the political class, 

civil servants and people in authority to practice what they preach by patronizing Nigerian 

schools and hospitals as well as consumption of Nigerian made goods. Because that's the 


Sunday, 17 September 2017

History of the ROundHouse U.K #CAPondarun

We've got a lot to celebrate. 50 years since the Roundhouse transformed from an old train shed to a performing arts centre. 10 years of transforming young lives through creativity. And just a few moments away from transforming your perspectives of Camden, the Roundhouse and our rich heritage through reading, watching and listening to all the incredible stories on this website. You're going to love it.

From train-enthusiast accounts of our humble beginnings to real-life high-wire love stories, from week-long raves in the 90s to politically-charged spoken word in the 00s, these are the stories which have emerged from the walls of this beautiful building. Come on in.


The era of freedom of expression and liberation had arrived in London. Skirts were shorter, clothes were brighter, hair was higher and rock ‘n’ roll sent thrilling vibrations throughout city. Arnold Wesker saw the huge potential of the Roundhouse and in 1966 it opened with a wild party, featuring a little known band called Pink Floyd. Also, discover more about The Dialectics of Liberation, the provocative International Times and view image galleries of a sultry 60s Camden.

iPhone X vs iPhone 8/8 Plus - Which Should You Buy? #CAPondaRUN

Tough Choice, iPhone X vs iPhone 8 & 8 Plus. Is iPhone X

Better? Is It Worth The $200-300 Premium? Which Should 

You Buy & Why.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Artwork: All roads lead to Rex Sandton Tonight #CAPondaRUN

Are you around Johannesburg tonight and you looking for a place to enjoying your night life to the fullest then link up with the Nobles tonight at Rex Club Sandton.

 Its all about SINGUILA SHOW CASE & Birthday Celebration tonight Sep. 16th.

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Catch up with "The Voice SA Reunited" #CAPondaRUN

You saw them on TV, now catch them at our 

Lyric Theatre!

The Voice SA takes the show on the road with five of this season’s favourite acts. This 90-minute show will take you through the show’s highlights, lowlights and everything in between. 

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See what this Facebook user says about woman #CAPondaRUN

This facebook user Phelipe Lyks Wangyims put to his facebook account to appreciate his wife for helping him out with his job also praise mothers and woman generally.

See Caption below.


From Accra to Lagos to London, Mr Eazi presents The ‘Life is Eazi’ Culture Festival 2017.
In homage to the city that first embraced him, Nigerian-born artist Mr Eazi debuts the ‘Life is Eazi’ annual event series at London’s premiere hub for music’s creative community, the Roundhouse.
This immersive, festival-inspired one day exposé is designed to draw back the curtain on the lifestyle and culture which brought forth Afrobeats – the rapidly evolving hybrid sound created and popularized by young music fans whose heritage traverse Africa and the UK.

Fresh Video: Ice Prince X Olamide X Mr Jollof "Owonikoko" The Official Video #CAPondaRUN

Friday, 15 September 2017

Video: Mr Eazi - Life Is Eazi Culture fest London 23rd September #CAPondaRUN

Get Tickets:

Song - Mr Eazi - Accra to Lagos

Chad Jubber, Ashlinn Gray, Shayna Boyce & Serpent live at Beerhouse Fourways #CAPondaRUN

YYY SHOWS Proudly Presents this fresh lineup upcoming 

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16:30 - Ashlinn Gray

15:30 - Shayna Boyce 

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Pictures: Letter from Atiku:Nigeria doesn't need a Rwandan Déjà vu + #CAPondaRUN

Nigeria doesn't need a Rwandan Déjà vu - a statement against the release of a song disparaging people of Igbo origin Atiku Abubakar (@atiku) August 7, 2017 

Artwork: Join KICC South Africa This Sunday SEP 17#CAPondaRUN

This Sunday will be a special one as KICC South Africa set this special time to Celebrate God to the fullest.

Join the senior pastor Of KICC South Africa Pastor Ike Nwanze and other ministers of God for this power packed service tagged Manifesting The Higher Life. 

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Fresh Video: Flavour - Loose Guard (feat. Phyno) Official Video #CApondaRUN

Flavour presents the visuals for "Loose Guard" off ." The fifteenth track off Flavour's fifth studio album titled, "Ijele - The Traveler." Directed by Patrick Elis.

Visit and for all the latest updates on Flavour's music. 

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