"2Baba" the Next Fela Anikulapo Kuti In Africa Terrorising Nigeria Government #CAP

Its about the time Nigerians wake up and come together to make things work right, lets us have positive minds and make the change we all need to start from us as an individual, family, groups or as a cooperate bodies.

I respect and appreciate 2baba a.k.a The Fela of our time for the actions and also the way his following up this whole issue, To those who put the blame on 2baba for the cancellation of the protest i guess they all need to seat and think twice before their actions and determination towards 2baba's actions.

I am very sure we  all know that 2baba is fighting for the betterment of the country and not trying to create was or activities that we divide us as a Nation, Lets wake up and come together to build a Nation will Peace and Unity will reign, This is the generation that will change the system and am very sure it will happen if you and i can seek more wisdom to understand each other and have one voice.

Lets come together and make this nation work for you and me and for the unborn generation, The time is now and the change start from me and all the wonderful people of our great Nation Nigeria The Giant of Africa.

We all remember what Fela Anikulapo Kuti went through with the government in his life time, who knows if 2baba will be the the President of our great nation some day, Lead us right and bring back all our glory.  

Lets emulate from 2baba's character and let there be peace, He created the awareness already and we all know what that means, There must be a change and it will surely happen very soon.

From The Senior Admin Joassycan Pro for City Alert Plus.

Respect to 2baba for taking this bold step.


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