Sponsored Post: Meet Refilwe Blessing Modibedi The Founder of Women Of Valor-SA #CAPwomanwithvision

I will share a synopsis of who I am and how Woman of Valor S.A (WOV) came to life. "Refilwe Blessing Modibedi" 

I'm a single mother to a 10 year old beautiful girl, Social Entrepreneur ,Dreamer, Risk-taker, Marketer, God-fearing, a sister, daughter and an aunt in her early thirties.  Besides my age, this is the bracket I have been operating in, nothing less or more.

People saw this amazing confident women no-nonsense beautiful young lady, the epitome of a Black Diamond, I could say, I was a typical epitome of a girl from a middle-class township family going places - best you believe I was going places. Only difference in this amazing perception is, what people saw and what I saw were parallel.

Looking back at failed businesses and career, failed relationships, lost friendship and money,  I took it upon myself to go back to the drawing board, mend my life and retrace my steps in the pursuit to find peace and happiness. This journey started with me constantly having nightmares in every dream this particular person I loved so much was either being attacked or it was me ,however, I kept on hearing a gentle voice saying.." I Am Holy." Initially I just thought these were "just" dreams. Being a Christian I would wake my partner up and we will just pray and get over it, little did I know God was speaking to me.

Fast tracking to months later, these dreams persisted until one day one came to life,it was
like dejavu. I cried with so much pain that same voice came again, Fifi, I am Holy. Everything flashed in my eyes from the day I met my daughter's daddy to my recent relationship and all the times I think I could be heard that voice, It suddenly hit me, it has been God warning me all this time.

God wanted me to live Holy, and I was busy messing up my life and it was spilling over to those around me, my life was just eroding and only I could stop this process.

In the process of finding myself and seeking solace from my partner and making things right with God I lost thee most valuable relationship, someone I could have never in a million years imagined myself without, my whole life crumbled before me and there was nothing I could do or say about it, but cry.

A month later I attended a Single ladies boot camp and that's were for the first time heard God speak to me vividly -Fifi I AM Holy!!!

It hit me, Women of Valor was it...in my pain I start to realise my purpose, it was to walk the road and impact ladues around me to stand firm and not compromise their walk with God.

Since the realisation, I've never looked back, it hasn't been easy, the devil roars and if your NOT careful, seven deadlier demons will come. To keep the momentum, I host monthly prayer sessions with other phenomenal woman, not only do we pray but we engaged dialogue and thoroughly go into our daily challenges as singles and married ladies.

Hosted my first event on the 25th February with four amazing speakers touched down on finances, relationships, sex ,finding love after living with HIV and having a child out of wedlock, all this in relation with God's word....my biggest highlight was #ASKaMAN.

Over and above, this event is set to empower our women. watch out for my next event which will be announced on all our social media platform and also on City Alert Plus (CAP).

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