Chris Brown wins big in child custody case #CAPnews

Chris Brown earned another win in his ongoing custody dispute with Nia Guzman regarding their daughter, Royalty.

Although the pair settled on joint custody in September, Nia subsequently returned to court with a new assortment of demands -- all of which have been shot down by the judge handling the case. Nia had requested full custody but the terms of their settlement will remain in place, the judge ruled, giving Chris access to Royalty 12 days a month.

Nia also asked that Chris only be allowed monitored visitation and that his mother be barred from seeing the 2-year-old. The judge has nixed those requests, along with a request that Chris submit to further drug testing after a previous drug test showed evidence of marijuana and codeine. He reportedly had a prescription for both, which may be why the judge didn't see the need for more testing.

Finally, Chris will be given a credit in his child support responsibilities to the tune of $20,000 -- the amount the court mandated he cover for Nia so she could afford a lawyer when she initially filed asking for a revised custody arrangement.

She's also given up on her petition asking for nearly $16,000 a month in child support. Chris is currently paying $2,500. Things have been rocky between Chris and Nia since their daughter was born. This spring, the singer went after Nia on social media, claiming she dressed Royalty inappropriately for a dance class. A fight ensued, with followers taking sides.

In happier news, Breezy threw his little girl an over-the-top birthday party in late May, spending an estimated $30,000 on the event, getting her daughter a $10,000 cake, an array of mini-horses and other animals for kids to play with, live "Frozen" impersonators and fake snow.

This month, Chris has been busy urging fans to vote for him after he was nominated for an MTV VMA award for best long-form breakthrough video for "Royalty."

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