"CAP on the RUN" with Augustine Mbachu CEO Aloma Entertainment #CityAlertPlus

CAP on the Run With Augustine Mbachu CEO Aloma Entertainment 

Quick one with  "Augustine Mbachu" the Chief Executive Officer of Aloma Entertainment International, Entertainment Empire operating from the heart beat of South African "Johannesburg"

Life in entertainment is different to normal life style, am very sure every body know that. When you become a public figure then you should know that you are already a role model and you have so mush responsibility. 

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities 

Family, friends and fans will see you as their small god and the moment you can deliver up to or beyond their expectation you start having problem with your career and the brand which you are building,

Read what the ceo of Aloma Entertainment "Augustine Mbachu" told CAP on the RUN.

@cityalertplus #CAPontheRUN Augustine Mbachu "Aloma ENtertainment"

I am so happy that i am doing what i love, life in entertainment is awesome, how do you feel when your talent is bringing money to your bank account? i am very sure everybody want that. Now i believe more in this quote "DO WHAT YOU LOVE & LOVE WHAT YOU DO"

The more we keep growing in the industry we have to produce more contents for the fans which we have already and other targeted audience out there because we are going international.

Life in entertainment brought so mush exposure and wonderful experience from the music, show, tours and other relevant activities which we have been busy with lately. 

I realized since we started this company the fan of Aloma Entertainment have been so supportive every where we go and we also don't try to disappoint them for once and we promise we will continue to produce more good contents.

Life in entertainment made me see more light and also changed a lot of things about me, the only thing i remember i know how to do before i got involved with entertainment fully is my fashion sense, i love fashion since i was growing up and that is really help me alot, i dress to kill and i wear quality, lmao... but  thats the truth. 

Life in Entertainment; will always want you to get more of every good things in life, living the real life of your dream, own an Empire and feel like you can travel to any where around the world, when ever you want to.

Life in entertainment to me is the best life style which is very suitable for me, I thank God for that, that means if am not into entertainment i can think of any other suitable job that i can compare with this career which i inherit from my late Father. 
CAP on the Run With Augustine Mbachu CEO Aloma Entertainment 
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Now that you are here, what is the next thing for Aloma Entertainment as a company and for you as the CEO. #CAPontheRUN

To grow the company to the next level if possible to accelerate, because we have so mush Artiste to work on, From Nonny D, K style, Manizzie, Kalifonia, Obbi nice, Jaymon, Dr Blazy and Bebekingcan this are bunch of talents that we just need to start working on proper and get result, they are all ready and got all it takes to be there, from good songs already recorded, cool profile already created, stage performance and good life style waiting for the light. 

To grow our artists is the only way we can grow the company more reason we want to focus on our artists one after the other because the industry is so wide for every body to do their things.

Planing good portfolio for all the artists under this label, from Visual Productions to massive promotion across the Africa continent to the rest of the world. we have planned to start with one artist after the other and see what we can achieve before next years.

Thanks to +Cityalertplus CAP TV  #CAPontheRUN and +JoassycanPro Com for this amazing platform, from all of us at +aloma Entertainment  we are saying a Big Thank you and we pray that God Bless you real good.

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