South African President agrees to step down #CapUpdate

President  Jacob Zuma says he will step down immediately if the African National Congress (ANC)ANC wants him to do so. Zuma was reacting to mounting calls on him to vacate his office after his controversial cabinet reshuffle led to a downgrade of South Africa's credit status to junk. On 12 April 2017  thousands of South African opposition parties and civil society organization members, marched to Union Buildings to protest against South African president Jacob Zuma and ask for his resignation.

 Taking a swipe at his detractors he says there's no leader of the ANC that will not be criticized by the opposition. He warned that even the new leader to be elected in December would still be the subject of criticism by the opposition. He also urged members of the ANC not to allow opposition parties to decide and judge its organisation.
  The President says he will decide for his future and he is willing to step down anytime when the party is ready for a new leader. He says he'll remain a loyal ANC member for life and will go back to his party branch if the party does not want him anymore
.   Zuma says he joined the African National Congress when he was a volunteer, and  he will remain loyal to the organisation. The President says he never joined the ANC for any position or money, and that he will always remain a member of the party. President Zuma also accused some within the party of stabbing him in the back, saying those he called comrades and brothers are untrustworthy.
President Jacob Zuma shared his Birthday Speech in isiZulu
 He said the youth league would always be the first line of defence when the ANC is attacked. “When you hit on the ANC you hit on the future of this country,” he said.
"I will continue my work at branch level and I wouldn't want a salary because I will already be on pension.".

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