Yeoville: 28 suspects taken off the streets by Yeoville police officers #CAP

Find out what 28 suspects were arrested for

Yeoville police officers arrested 28 suspects from 20 to 26 March. The suspects were arrested for committing crimes ranging from assault to fraud and robbery.

They were arrested for the following:

1 for assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm
7 for common assault
11 for driving under the influence of liquor or drugs
1 for theft
1 for malicious damage to property
1 for robbery
1 for attempted robbery
1 for fraud
1 for drug possession
3 for shoplifting.

“The suspects have appeared in different courts and some have paid their fines while others are out on bail and others remain in prison,” said spokesperson for Yeoville Police Station, Captain Sifiso Mabizela.

Spokesperson for Yeoville Police Station, Captain Sifiso Mabizela.

Details: Yeoville Police Station 011 487 5900.

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