Tontolet call her self King, Tell fake fans to stay away from her page. #Cap

Below is a caption tontolet added with her post on IG.
I get to See some awful comments and I am here to say I will never reply to any negative or Bad vibes...I have had my own fair share of Clapbacks,Saucey with rice replies in the past and Believe me I have grown Up so much I wouldn't elude such SADNESS and classlessness again.

Please if you have nothing positive to say I advice you restrain from my page,PLEASE..
I mean you can insult me in your hearts and minds but not on my page and still put me through the stress of blocking and deleting...C'Mooon Thats brutal..

It's said that you can't give what you don't have \"I DONT HAVE HATE,Nor clapbacks or nasty reply So I can't give you that... All I can how ever give you is LOVE..
Regardless I Love you all with the Love of God 😘😘🎈#KINGTONTO #Radical for Jesus" 

Please tell us if is proper for a lady to call her self a King, God will help some of this Nigeria celebrity.

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