Must See; Letter to K-Cee & 5 Star Music, Harrysong releases 'Arabanko' amidst Kcee's new lawsuit

 Letter to K-Cee & 5 Star Music
Hahahahahahahah!!! Harry Potter, Harry killer, The real talent him self in this new message to K-Cee the acclaimed number 1 five star music act who Mr song help doing his coming back into the industry after his break with his partner in crime Mr phresh who is no where to be found now in the music industry.
The Samankwe crooner open up more in this new message to the whole 5 star music crew.

As you can see that Mr Song will never give up and settled for less with the support of Alter Plate we are very sure that Harry will keep potting  with the numbers of ever green song to his credit. If harry die now every know where that come from since he said hire killer was sent to him but God saved his *ss. 

Our advise to to K-Cee is this.... Please leave this poor boy alone and move on if you guy treated him nice all this will not happen, It's also clear now with you action that you want pay pay kind of, Why don't you let go and let God pay you back because every body know you guy spent on him and he also gave you guys what money can't buy.

Talent his the unique gift from God and its right time we should appreciate people with good talent and treat them right.

This is a big lesson for you guys and i am very sure you put this to action and treat the rest of the current artists signed with 5 five music right.

Big up to Sound City for this awesome job.

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