Warren Masemola reveals he used to be homophobic #CAPontheRun

Warren Masemola had to rehabilitate himself from homophobia when he was younger.
Actor Warren Masemola has opened up about being homophobic when he was younger and the process of "rehabilitating" himself.  

During an interview on Real Talk with Anele he revealed that he was even kicked out of school at the Market Theatre Laboratory because of his intolerance.

"We were very broke at home, so my sister introduced me to dancing and I started dancing at the lab. I danced there, I was very homophobic, so I got kicked out because there was a fair share of homosexuals and heterosexuals in the class," he said.

Warren explained that being around gay people was too much for him to deal with. 

"I think I was just... not uninformed. Growing up in Pretoria, I was very ignorant. Although we had Amon who was making magwinya (fat cakes), I think it was embedded at the back of my head that "gay" is not something we associate with," he said.

Warren explained that he had to  introspect and speak to both homophobic and homosexual people to rehabilitate himself. He later returned to the theatre, after "dealing" with his issues and now embraces people no matter their sexuality.

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