What will Donald Trump do next after Blocking me on Twitter "Chrissy Teigen" #CAPondaRUN

Chrissy Teigen shared the above screen shot on her official twitter page to her followers showing that the U.S President Donald Trump truly blocked her on twitter.  

Chrissy is known for her amusing tweet to Trump ever since he became the president of United State.
The 45th President of the United States decided to block the 31-year-old model on Twitter after she tweeted that no one likes him.

Teigen has been very open on the social media platform when it comes to her view about the president, and it appears he is no longer willing to hear about it. However, she's already proven that it won't stop her from voicing her opinions.
This is a war because nobody know what Mr President will do next to this young beautiful model who only speaks her mind, remember there is freedom of speech, Lets wait and see.