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Letter to Nigerians after gunmen attacked Catholic Church in Anambra #CApondaRUN

I came to this world happy to be a Yoruba girl, proud of my country Nigeria, though I met corruption and greed but also did I find love and unity. I have lots of wonderful and trusted friends from the east, south and north that I regard as my brothers and sisters from another parent.

 It saddens my heart to see what the youths of this generation is doing to this country, our fathers did their best according to the best of their ability and presented us with a loving and peaceful Nigeria, and we, what are we going to pass over to our children? Hatred,bitterness,anger, is that it? Is that really the best we can do? Please stop the hatred, stop the hate speech, if Biafra is the will of God then no one nor anything can hinder it, at God's appointed time it will come to manifestation but it's not the will of God then no amount of struggle or hate speech can bring it to pass, we will only end up killing and eating up each other. 

As regard the Anambra church killing, I sympathize with the families that lost loved ones, but please Mr Bambi Kana with all due respect, kindly stop putting all blames on the government and the northerners, evil takes place in every part of the world and yes, you're right, the government cannot protect us neither can anyone protect others cos we can't even protect ourselves let alone protect others, several shootings and killing in Us, UK, Canada, France and many other countries, will you say those killings were carries out by the northerners and Nigeria Govt? 

Since this is your ideology about every evil that occurs? The Bible says unless The Lord watches over a city, the watcher men watch but in vain, only God is the solid security. Dear brothers and sisters, it is time to stop the hate before we start killing each other, this situation can still be contained now before real blood start flowing, God has given the dominion of this world into our hands, what we do with it is up to us, we either build up or pull down, some people built what we met and that is why the Yoruba nurse did not strangle the igbo new born (you) at his arrival to the world. 

It is time to stop pulling down, it at time to start building up, as for me, I belong to team (build up-make the world a better place) let's all remember that it doesn't end here, there is a life after here where we will all give account of how we lived here, you may think you've never killed before but talking one to kill another makes you a murderer. The northerners might not be our brothers and sister in faith, still we have a strong connection, the same God created us and specifically instructed us to bring them home (Mark 15:15-16)
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