Picture: Mom gives birth to baby girl at bus stop, both are doing well #CAPondaRUN

A South African mom gave birth to her baby at a bus stop  
A Good Samaritan noticed she was in labor and called for medical help - Both mom and baby were transferred to hospital and are doing well A mom in Durban, South Africa gave birth to her baby girl at a bus stop with the help of a Good Samaritan on Friday, July 28.

The Good Samaritan was driving past a bus shelter when he noticed that the woman was in a state of extreme discomfort. After realizing that she was in labour, he quickly called in medical help from a nearby hospital and an ambulance arrived within minutes.

The nurses and paramedics safely delivered the baby girl, whom her mother named Khadidya. The nurses confirmed to a local reporter that both mom and baby were doing well. They were later taken to hospital for further assessment.

What an excellent demonstration of humanity all around! Kudos to the Good Samaritan as well as the medical team.