See what this fans Wrote about Davido & Wizkid - (Davido - Pere ft. Rae Sremmurd, Young Thug) #CAPondaRUN

Now we know that African Music is taking over globally and the responds from the western world is on the high side. With the likes of Davido and Wizkid among other talented young act doing it big across the Africa continent we should be very sure of Grammy Awards Flowing in Africa very soon.

Read the comment below, copied from Davido official vevo account:

First of all, both Davido & Wizkid have done a lot for African music & I salute them for that. They are both undisputed kings of African Pop World. They are both trying to make cross-over music now. Wizkid is not fake because his sound has changed, the same way Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus are not fake for changing from Country to POP. Davido tried out a new sound but it wasn't great & he realized it was best to stick to what he was good at & that is Afropop which is good on him because he is very good at it. Wizkid is a more versatile artist in general & has been able to try out other sounds easily, which is making crossing over much easier than it is for Davido. Don't be fooled by a video with Yung Thug & Swae Lee. Davido is a big African artist & he has major backers so he should be able to collaborate with the likes of such artists who are relatively on the same level as him just on different continents. Wizkid has made more groundbreaking moves this year internationally, e.g. Having his own set on the main stage at Wireless Festival, Releasing an EP that's appearing in worldwide charts including the US & UK. Going on tour with major World Artists to enhance his brand name globally. Like I said earlier they are both successful in their own rights & we should be proud of them both. We just need to notice that Wizkid is currently operating in far bigger markets than Davido & his music is reaching a lot more people, but that doesn't knock Davido's hustle, he's doing his thing too.

With this comment you will realize what this dude is trying to point out in a mature and reasonable manner.
Both party are growing but one should be ahead of the other. Yes or No?