Time to Nominate someone you know for ADARA AWARDS "Africans in Diaspora Achievement and Recognition Awards" #CAPondaRUN

What are you waiting for? Its about that time to nominate someone you know for the next coming ADARA AWARDS.

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Our Vision is to be the African in Diaspora Biggest Awards organization that is 100% interested in recognizing Africans in Diaspora regardless of the countries or continent they find themselves.


Is to capture the excellent work all Africans in Diaspora are doing, and to bring to the attention of the world this work by publicizing and recognizing such.   The work is to act as a catalyst to build integration of Africans and to destroy stereotypes about Africans in Diaspora.  The recognition is aiming to compel them to do more in their host country and become proud ambassadors of what they do and what Africans can achieve together.