Saturday, 18 February 2017

Sponsored Post: Meet Victoria Von Andrews the brain behind "Miss Single Mom Pageant" #CAP

Take your time to read the reason behind the Miss Single Mother Pageant, get to know about the pains the single mothers go through rasing the leaders of tomorrow, Most of them struggle out of nothing to become and also produce something, Just like this perfect "Living" example "Victoria Von Andrews" Dreamer with determination.

The world really need woman like "Victoria Von Andrews" a single mother with vision.

Name: Victoria Von Andrews
Children: 2
Relationship Status: Single Mom( 13 Years)
Founder Miss Single Mum 

Reason behind Miss Single Mom Pageant Organization
In 2013, due to unforseen circumstances, lost everything to support me and my two girl (house,car ext) The result was I ended up living on the streets. Before that I had to make a choice to either take my kids with me and risk loosing them, or put them in a place of safety until such time I could get back on my feet. It broke me as a mother and as a women because I had failed my kids. During the month that followed while living on the street, I became sick and nearly died from food poisoning. Something that is bound to happen while living out of dustbins I just remember praying to get better to hold my kids and tell them I love them. 

Luckily I was found in time and was treated.I realized that if I was going through something like this how many other single moms are facing difficulties or something worse. During that time all I wanted was somebody, anybody to tell me everything was going to be OK. I wanted just one person to give me the assurance that I was worth something. The pain of disappointing my kids was too much to convince myself that I will be OK. 

You see reassurance of outside is sometimes needed to help someone. I started the pageant after I got money from cleaning jobs to celebrate single moms for the difficult job they do raising our future leaders alone. I knew for a long time that single moms were never allowed to enter major beauty pageants because of having a child. So month by month I would walk to various companies to assist me with my dream of celebrating  our "Moms with a Vision" It is unacceptable that a single women cannot be celebrated through a pageant, so the Miss Single Mom Pageant is not only a platform to celebrate them and make them feel beautiful and appreciated, but its also a platform to empower them to strive for a better future for her and her kids, and be the "Mom with a Vision" after all, they to are raising the next generation of leaders and heroes.

Victoria Von Andrews
Founder Miss Single Mum Pageant 

Fresh: Daddy Yo "Wizkid" - ft Sarkodie Ojuelegba Remix video #CAP

Enjoy the newest visual from Star Boy Records International, See Daddy Yo "Wizkid" in  Baba 70 Fella Anikulapo Kuti style, No wonder the African Shrine is like the most coolest spot for wizzy to relax this days, And now the street keep saying wizzy is one of Fela's grandson, Sister Yeni could have been that perfect mother if wizzy happen to be a grandson truly but shame will all know Mama Ayo-Balogun. Wizzy "International Flicks" Global Recognition believe it or not "Baba Nla is already a Legend"

Daddy Yo "Wizkid" - ft Sarkodie Ojuelegba Remix video

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Fresh out from: Baddest "OBO" Boss "Davido - IF" the official Visual #CAP

Enjoy another mind blowing hot hit from OBO Boss "Davido" titled the "IF", If you really want to understand this message you need to view the video over  and over again and i promise you that you will never get enough of this new lit jam from the baddest himself. 

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Come & Party with Them Real Men Who Run Jozi "OPA 6, AREMO GUCCI, SHABO & NIYASS tonight at NYC Club Four Ways #CAP

Johannesburg stand up for the realest men that run Jozi, As you already know that there is no dulling Moment when "Who is our Lover Creator - OPA 6 - Multi Talented" and "That young rich hommie and realest gee - AREMO GUCCI - Talented Actor" storm the club, Tonight we guan party very hard at the most incredible club and number 1 night life Arena in Johannesburg "New York Club Fourways will be on fire tonight.

Its all about the new project - Wo Kilumo  Movie Premier - tonight with the Nobles.

Fresh: P-Square - Away [Official Video] #CAP

Enjoy this classic visual from our African most talented duo P-Square the single is titled "Away", This video was released on the 14 of February to celebrate the lovers day. Watch, like, comment and also share with friends and family.

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

STORM (Dineo) WARNING!!! #CityAlertPlus

Be advised that the department of meteorology in South Africa has issued a statement confirming the storm (Dineo) will be hitting South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique as of tonight. The estimated speed is between 30 -90km/h. This wind can damages house, cars and any other property including nature.  This storm also comes with heavy rains that may cause heavy flooding. They have since recommended suspension of classes, less movement, close windows and doors make sure your structure is stable, or solicit shelter from neighbours, no crossing of over flooded rivers and also avoid being close to power lines.

Haji Ent Presents G-force Records Finest "Bolo J" Exclusive Valentines Party/Aquarius Affair Live In NYC USA #CAP

If You are in the USA YNC, Catch Ika Nla Looking fresh Master "Bolo J" @Club ALS "African Last STop.

Dont Miss this. Hook With your Love One time.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Clash of Clans Vs Clash Royale which is a better choice and why #CAP

Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale both of these games are considered as most popular mobile games. Both of these games are created by the same developer Supercell. Though both of these games has similar characters and similar environment. But still, there is a fair bit of difference between the gameplay of these games. At the same time, there is a difference between the amount of money one have to spent.

Arnold Schwarzenegger takes over 'The New Celebrity Apprentice' boardroom, "15 years covering 15 seasons" #CAP

Arnold said his contract extend up to 15 years covering 15 seasons, adding that he is very happy with his new hot chair as a new Boss of The New Celebrity Apprentice."The Celebrity Apprentice" has raised more than $15 million for charity. This season's winner will gain the coveted title of the Celebrity Apprentice and a $250,000 check to give to their designated charity. This show is produced and internationally distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). Mark Burnett, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Page Feldman and Eric Van Wagenen are executive producers

#CAPalert : New Entertainment Empire "ARAB GANG ENTERTAINMENT" Set to Launch Officially #CityAlertPlus

Introducing "Arab Gang Entertainment to the whole wide world and also informing you that the official Launching of this Entertainment empire is just around the corner.

To show that the label mean business and also ready for the industry, The C.E.O. Bola-Alaka Victor Launched the clothing line already after the name of the company "Arab Gang Entertainment"

Nokia 3310 Wants to Make a Comeback #CAP

Nokia 3310 was released back on September 1, 2000. Therefore, you probably wondering what is Nokia 3310 doing in the headlines. Well, according to a reliable source, it is reported that Nokia is very keen to bring back the classic Nokia 3310 this year. Therefore, there are many people who start to wonder what is the function of a feature phone in 2017 when everybody is so much busy with smartphones like iPhone 7 and galaxy note S7. 


Hello everyone, My name is Ike Nwanze Pastor of Kicc your home church.
We are going to encounter the Favor of God with our Guest Pastor Andy Yawson and guest music minister Jesse Priestly.

Noponi Rural Development in association with NgqushwaFM 99.5 and Noponi Casting are in a search for the next big thing in the Eastern Cape #CAP

Good news to all the youth in Eastern Cape willing to have a career in the entertainment industry, Do you have any talents and you have been thinking of how to start and become big? Here comes that perfect opportunity you all been waiting for.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

#CAPontheRun with "Dr Olusanjo Peters" Host: 2nd & 3rd All African Farmers Empowerments Operation Summit 2017 #CityALertPlus

@CityAlertPlus #CAPontherun with DR Olusanjo Peter" 

Good News to all Africans, As i always say, This is the generation that we change the face of Africa Continent, Do you know you can now get Grant to start up Agriculture in order to eradicate poverty in Africa and the rest of the world, Attend this 5 days life changing summit (2nd & 3rd All African Farmers Empowerments Operation Summit 2017 by  Dr Olusan PetTRer) Lets come together and take what belong to us, African Farmers Now! The world Economy Growth. Presenter: @JoassycanPro For @CityAlertPlus

cc Countries & President: USA President Donald Trump, Nigeria President Muhamed Buhari, South Africa President Jacob Zuma,President of. World Bank, AFDB President, president of Ghana, botswana, African Union Commission chairperson, Ecowas President, president of Senegal, dRc, Uganda, Gabon, Angola, burkina Faso, namiabia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Morrocco, Libya, Gambia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, European comm President, European Investment Bank, Governor Of The Bank Of England, World Trade Center Association Inc, Bank Of Canada Governor, Bank Of Ireland, Vancouver Food Machinery Ltd Canada, International Bank For Construction And Development Usa, Inter-american Development Bank, Avure Technologies Inc/ Avure Hpp Food Processing, Imf, Ifc, Afdb, sida, Sadc, Eac, Dfid, Usaid, Un, International Maize & Wheat Improvement Center, Federal Reserve Bank Of Chicago, Food Motor Company World Headquarters, South African Airways,Exboydedisabel, Borohpaul, Nigerian National Assembly Complex,  Wami, Womi, Eib, Auc, Ifpri, Usa, Opec, Well Fargo Bank, Chase Bank Ny Auc, Ecowas, Eac, Eib, Fibras Industriales S.a (fisa) Peru, Aquatech, Aqua Sierra Inc,tfatz, Oneacrefund,,aquaticeco, Hydrex Gauteng, Lady Folorunsho Alajika,

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Another Night with Queen "Mystikal Ebony" Best South African Female DJ Live in Osu Ghana Tonight #CAP

Shally!!! Osu is on fire right about now, In case you missed yesterday, Never put the blame on your self because you can  still party hard with the most prominent Female DJ in the whole Southern Part of Africa, Queen Mystikal Ebony.

Sponsored Post: Attend the 2nd and 3rd All African Farmers Empowerments Operation Summit Oct. 23rd & 28th, 2017. #CAp

 The Great Opportunity is here, Good news to all African citizens, Are you between the age of 18 to 70 and you are willingly to join the motive of eradicating poverty from Africa continent, The chance to became a modern farmer with back up from strong, liable and well known organisation across the world is here.  All African Farmers Empowerments Operation Summit will help you to discover the potential in you also help.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Fresh: Enjoy Wizkid (DADDY YO) And Chrisbrown shares same stage!

Now we got the vibes From Wizkid "Daddy Yo" last year its was all about "Baba Nla" which rock every city across the world, Awesome and so amazing.

King Saheed Osupa Live at NYC Club Four Ways Tonight #CAP

Good news to all the Ebi Olufimo "All Olufimo Family" Our King Saheed Osupa will be performing live to night, Big up to Light Magic for making this happening.

Join South Africa Most Talented Female DJ "MYstikal Ebony" To Night in Ghana #CAP

Good news to all my brother in the western part of Africa, If you are in Ghana Party with the most incredible female DJ "Mystikal Ebony" to night in Ghana, The number 1 female DJ in "Gauteng" South Africa who is on top of our chat list travelled on a vacation to Dubai and now finally found her side in Ghana,

KICC South Africa: Join us this Morning for another Life Changing Experience #CAP

Thanks God for another opportunity, For making us see today and his sufficient Grace over our life, Business and family, Join Pastor Ike Nwanze the Resident Pastor KICC South Africa This Morning for another life changing experience, Come and discover :


This is a gospel song for the street and every other believers, This song is praises and at the same time worship song... HND Records "Hope Never Die" act Demmie Vee is another Big thing coming up in Africa Hip Hop music scenes that will make Africa proud across the world.