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About "Annie Coetze" CAP Woman With Vision

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My philosophy and belief about LIFE and Business Success:

The concept of self-empowerment is older than I can remember. Since my childhood days I was exposed to knowledge that can enrich and empower. Self-help books were in almost every house of friends and family. People lived, worked and played – and many business persons were happy and healthy! Books of Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and Scott Peck were amongst the many other self-help books that my father and family members read.
Living and working in the 21st Century is a different story. We have to be fit and bright, not just physically and intellectually, but also emotionally and spiritually. We have to function with an extra gear, that allows us to do the ‘so-called’ impossible – yet with fewer struggles and surely less wear and tear!
Millions of people are experiencing that they battle to break out of destructive patterns, and more millions live in ‘virtual’ boxes: A place they don’t really want to be and a ‘place’ where limitations rule.
There are many uncertainties around us. Nothing is really sure and definite. Facing this does not have to blind us to be aware of challenges and opportunities. When you make the time to think about it, you may agree with me that we are living in a day where there ARE creative solutions and that the times around us call for extraordinary, innovative intelligence to think, see, speak, act and live the abundant life!

Must See; Letter to K-Cee & 5 Star Music, Harrysong releases 'Arabanko' amidst Kcee's new lawsuit

 Letter to K-Cee & 5 Star Music
Hahahahahahahah!!! Harry Potter, Harry killer, The real talent him self in this new message to K-Cee the acclaimed number 1 five star music act who Mr song help doing his coming back into the industry after his break with his partner in crime Mr phresh who is no where to be found now in the music industry.
The Samankwe crooner open up more in this new message to the whole 5 star music crew.

Picture: City Alert Plus CAPmix Presents "The King Size Mix" for all the Kings and Queens drops 2-27-17 #CAPontheRUN

Now all the versatile King can rejoice!!! City Alert Plus CAPmix brings you the exclusive Quata Budukusu All hits in one and titled "The King Size Mix Tape" for the kings and Queen"

Divine Healing Training - Presented by John G. Lake Ministries #CAPontheRUN

  • DHT is a 3 day seminar taught internationally by Curry Blake on Divine Healing. The seminar will take place at Revival City Alberton, 120A Mc Bride Street, Brackenhurst X2, Gauteng, South Africa, on the following days:

    Thursday July 13th: 08:30-13:00 (1 hour Lunch break) 2pm-5pm
    Friday July 14th: 08:30-13:00 (1 hour Lunch break) 2pm-5pm
    Saturday July 15th: 08:30-13:00 (1 hour Lunch break) 2pm-5pm

Double event to show case NV BB Mist Foundation "Be The NV " #CAPontheRUN

This product is NEW, one of a kind and has the Exclusive anti ageing formulation APT 200.

CAPmix: Get Ready!!! Working Boiz Mix Tape Drops very soon #CAPontheRUN

Lets start from the art work because everything here need straight introduction.
Meet Can family "youngest" and one of the most creative babies in the world, "Gold Adebambo" representing her father  Bebekingcan in this classic art for;
City Alert Plus CAPmix, Title after  Bebekingcan recent single "Working Boiz"

Working Boiz track by  Bebekingcan JPC Records act
and  Emi me Entertainment CEO.

The song working boiz is a prayer song for all hustler who believe that all workers get pay day in respectful of what you choose as a career as long as you are pushing you will surely smile at last, " Bebekingcan told CAP"

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