Young mother dies while filming a video on Facebook live #CAP

The 26-year-old who loved sharing her life with others through Facebook live videos was filming with her 1-year-old son when the tragic incident happened, on December 28th, 2016.

In the video, which has been deleted from Facebook, she talked about her plans to go back to school, and show off her one-year-old son Rylee, but she collapsed shortly after the video started.
Herndon's aunt, Barbara Johnson who saw her on Facebook live explained that the deceased was wiping her face and shaking her head before she collapsed.
“She started wiping her face and shaking her head, and I was thinking, what’s wrong with Kei? We call her Kei. She then, she fell back and then Riley picked the phone up and started talking and playing and then I hear (gasping) then I heard one more … I didn’t hear nothing else.”
The deceased's father, Richard, said that the number of viewers kept growing after she collapsed but nobody called the Police or called to check on her to see if she was alright.
He added that it took thirty minutes after she fell before one of her friends went to her house to see if she was okay. The video ended when the friend got to her house and called 911.
Her mother, Mary Morgan, who expressed that she wants her baby to come back explained that Herndon had thyroid problems.
“She had thyroid problems. The thyroid messes with everything and it triggered her heart. It’s a tragedy, I know that much, and I know one thing, I would love to have my baby back with me.”