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Good morning wonderful people around the world... this is my message to you this morning, look at the image attached to the write up and tell me if you Can make your dream come true or not in respective of your background, The moment you realise God's gift in your life then you will surely discover your hidden #Treasure Stop complaining about your growing up, where you came out from or resources to begin with, start doing something worth doing with you time now and wait for the result.

Remember you can only be perfect on what you continue doing because you got love for it, ''DO What you love doing most''  what you keep doing without looking at the challenges and those obstacles which will surely come your way will surely attract your perfect audience but it will look rough and tough when you just starting... 

As a #Creativedirector lets look at it from the music industry

 lets Use Wizkidayo Balogun and Davido Adeleke as an example:

Wizkid is a young boy with dreams right from his tender age but couldn't get enough resources to push but he stated with something "the litle Prince became wizkid and now wizzy gave birth to #StarBoyInternational. Successful Artiste / Brand Ambassador / Record label owner.
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Davido also got passion for what is doing right from day one, in his own case he got almost every thing that could take him there but he still have to work and also get things done in a proper way in respective of his background and his father money, He thought of having his own money which he got already. Successful Artiste / Brand Ambassador / Record label owner. 
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 Look at this two Giant young artiste still making it. They are the perfect example that you Can also make it in anything you are doing in respective of your back ground.

Stand up this morning and start doing what is right and worth doing with your time and make sure you dont just seat, make use of the method #TTP #TalkToPeople if that is not working enough use the #HigherGrade #TTMP #TalkToMorePeople about what you do make sure you meet with the right people that need your service try to convince them with what you are capable of.

Their is something in you that the whole wide world need, Discover it, Re-brand and market it now because your consumers are waiting. Remember Things don't move until we move them.  

You cant expect Yes from every body, some will try to pull you down but still don't give up because

#Believeinyourself #Startanewbegining #Youcanmakeachange #Youhaveallitstakes #Youarethebestyoucanbe #beincharge #WearetheChoosengeneration #WithGod #YesWeCan 

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