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The National State of Disaster ends - The National State of Disaster has officially been lifted. Here is President Cyril Ramaphosa's speech from last night:

  My Fellow South Africans, For the past 750 days, South Africa has been in a National State of Disaster. This is an extraordinary situation that is unprecedented in our country’s history. The declaration of a state of disaster was a response to a global health crisis that posed a grave threat to the lives and the well-being of our people. There is no doubt that such a response was necessary under these circumstances. The declaration of the National State of Disaster on 15 March 2020 empowered government to take the measures that prevented many more people from becoming severely ill and saved countless lives. These measures were effective in slowing down the rate of infection, easing pressure on our hospitals, and providing the time we needed to develop the infrastructure, resources and capacity to manage a large number of people who became ill as a result of Covid-19. The National State of Disaster also provided the legal basis for the introduction of the special R350 Social Relief of

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See what this fan wrote about D'banj

Since he left don jazzy, tins av not been the same for him. He keeps rising internationally and making waves in the international scene. 
Dbanj would av doubled up Akon fame if not for our 9ja mentality of 'bring him down at all cost' he seperated from donjazzy and so what? Don Jazzy is doing fine locally and is satisfied with it, dbanj wanted more and they went their seperate ways, why hating?
example DonJazzy took Tiwa to the peak marvins ever got to internationally but to our surprise, it's the backstage of BET (nonsense).
Here is a man who sees no barrier, who wanted Nigeria to be on the international music map but we keep hating. I am not telling u to stop hating dbanj but telling u to keep it up and one day u will remember this saying that 'you can't keep a good man down


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