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As Evan McMullin Threatens to Take Utah, Donald Trump Notices #CAP

Republican Donald Trump has seen it necessary to call out Independent conservative candidate Evan McMullin. Former CIA agent McMullin is the darling of conservatives in Christian, Mormon, family oriented Utah. He is polling in the high 20's or low 30's, approximately even with Trump and with Democrat Hillary Clinton. This is almost unheard of in American presidential contests (though the results in New Mexico are somewhat similar, if you substitute in Gary Johnson for McMullin).

It's been decades since an independent candidate for President took a US State. But then again, that was before the age of Twitter. "You saw this coming. Trump and Pence finally go after @Evan_McMullin. Trump calls him @BillKristol's puppet," said @Sopandeb If McMullin (and his Vice Presidential candidate, Mindy Finn) take the State of Utah, and he might, he could deny either major party candidate 270 electoral votes, throwing the 2016 Presidential election into the House of Representatives. The Senate would decide the VP. In both cases, they would be limited to the top 3 candidates in terms of electoral votes.

With recent polls in the heavily Mormon state showing a decisive swing to McMullin, Trump used an appearance on Fox News to dismiss the independent candidate as "a puppet" being manipulated by The Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, a "Never Trump" Republican, who has tried for months to field an independent candidate to take on the GOP nominee. 
Check... 7:45 PM - 29 Oct 2016

Analysts are considering a scenario where McMullin takes Utah with its 7 electoral votes, and Johnson takes New Mexico, with it's 5. The lack of those 12 electoral votes, could force the House of Representatives to choose among the top 3 candidates for President, and the Senate to choose among the top 3 candidates for Vice President. McMullin as President and Tim Caine as Vice President? It's not beyond the realm of possibility, under the procedures set forth in the Constitution when the Electoral College cannot agree.

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