Bakus Entertainment kick off with their number artist "Quata Budukusu" The Official Promo world wide. " #CAPNews

"Bakus Entertainment Company" the Official Logo.

 Bakus Entertainment officially Introducing their No1 artiste "Quata Budukusu" Plus The first set of the official art works.

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Bakus Entertainment is one of the leading Entertainment empire operating from Ghana to the rest of the world, They are known for high quality delivery when its come to "Music" entertainment generally especially in their home country Ghana. 

Bakus Entertainment is using this medium to officially inform the general public that "Quata Budukusu" who has been quiet for like six years in the music industry is back into the game full time with full force and also ready for the shows and the biz.

Below are the first set of the official art works for this talented artist "Quata Budukusu" 
Art works design by that Nigeria, South Africa Production House "Joassycan Pro" For Bakus Entertainment for Promotion Purpose.

Note: All music and entertainment lovers, Promotion Houses, cooperates and individuals, Press and related people in the music and entertainment industry generally are permitted to make use of this art works for hypping, Promotions and also as Display image on any social network and every other place required "For Promotions Only".

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The Official Promo Art for Quata Budukusu "Bakus Entertainment" No 1 Multi Talented Act and Performing Artist (ARt By Joassycan Pro "City Alert Plus" Royalted Khweenz)
Quata Budukusu The Official Promo art Sign by Bakus Entertainment
(ARt By Joassycan Pro "City Alert Plus" Royalted Khweenz)
Quata Budukusu #letthistrend #letittrend  sign by Bakus Entertainment 
(ARt By Joassycan Pro "City Alert Plus" Royalted Khweenz)

Watch Out For More from Quata Budukudu under the flag of "Bakus Entertainment" Joassycan Pro "City Alert Plus" Royalted Khweenz.

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