Sponsored Post: Meet Victoria Von Andrews the brain behind "Miss Single Mom Pageant" #CAP

Take your time to read the reason behind the Miss Single Mother Pageant, get to know about the pains the single mothers go through rasing the leaders of tomorrow, Most of them struggle out of nothing to become and also produce something, Just like this perfect "Living" example "Victoria Von Andrews" Dreamer with determination.

The world really need woman like "Victoria Von Andrews" a single mother with vision.

Name: Victoria Von Andrews
Children: 2
Relationship Status: Single Mom( 13 Years)
Founder Miss Single Mum 

Reason behind Miss Single Mom Pageant Organization
In 2013, due to unforseen circumstances, lost everything to support me and my two girl (house,car ext) The result was I ended up living on the streets. Before that I had to make a choice to either take my kids with me and risk loosing them, or put them in a place of safety until such time I could get back on my feet. It broke me as a mother and as a women because I had failed my kids. During the month that followed while living on the street, I became sick and nearly died from food poisoning. Something that is bound to happen while living out of dustbins I just remember praying to get better to hold my kids and tell them I love them. 

Luckily I was found in time and was treated.I realized that if I was going through something like this how many other single moms are facing difficulties or something worse. During that time all I wanted was somebody, anybody to tell me everything was going to be OK. I wanted just one person to give me the assurance that I was worth something. The pain of disappointing my kids was too much to convince myself that I will be OK. 

You see reassurance of outside is sometimes needed to help someone. I started the pageant after I got money from cleaning jobs to celebrate single moms for the difficult job they do raising our future leaders alone. I knew for a long time that single moms were never allowed to enter major beauty pageants because of having a child. So month by month I would walk to various companies to assist me with my dream of celebrating  our "Moms with a Vision" It is unacceptable that a single women cannot be celebrated through a pageant, so the Miss Single Mom Pageant is not only a platform to celebrate them and make them feel beautiful and appreciated, but its also a platform to empower them to strive for a better future for her and her kids, and be the "Mom with a Vision" after all, they to are raising the next generation of leaders and heroes.

Victoria Von Andrews
Founder Miss Single Mum Pageant 


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