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Quata Budukusu Personal Statement #CAPontheRUN

I make music because I’m inspired to make music. I'm moved by this drive inside fueled by a passion for expressing myself through music. We live in an abundance of undiluted Rhythms.Sounds from da birds,flowing streams, wind blowing through the tree, sea waves, etc. Africans live in an Ambiance of abundant Melodies. So I get in sync with my surroundings and translate what I feel and hear through music the best way I can.

My music is a representation of who I am and how I see the world. It possesses traits of African rhythms, black culture fused with westernisation to create that flexible kind of music that can be understood worldwide and still carry the indigenous African instrument. My music is unique because my style is authentic and my compositions, choice of words and arrangements is different from any other artiste. And with the versatile abilities to quickly switch between genres makes me unpredictable.

The unique thing about my music is, I always stray from the usual formalities, creating new ways to make my composition extraordinary. Sometimes it is almost impossible to comprehend when I tongue twists on track. That perfected trait makes me extra from the ordinary. I take a considerable amount of time and extreme precision to put my music together for the words to come alive on instruments. So I see my music as a living thing because it's the piece of myself and that means the world to me. Because that's the only thing that's going to exist when I depart from this physical world.

I also see creating and experiencing music as a way of enhancing the human connection in our lives and showing the trust we have for each other in the society. The process of making requires lots of trust between the writer and the players in the first place, and secondly between the musicians and the listeners. The magic and power of music I believe come when it fulfills this trust and offers all of these participants a feeling of community. That is the reason why I started making music and continue to make music.

As I create music, it also reveals so much about love, dreams, and the fear which is part of the human side. The musical composition provides me a means through which I communicate these aspects of being human to those around me and far. I, therefore, see my compositions is an ideal medium for expressing myself and the love I have for human and things around me. Remember, music takes us to where words cannot.

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