Pictures: The oldest twins in the world celebrate their 100th birthday #CAP

 Snapshots of world’s oldest twin sisters have emerged - The photos shows the twins celebrating their 100th birthday - The photos were taken as special gift to the two beautiful old twins The world’s most senior twin sisters have clocked 100 years old. 

Their birthday celebration was characterised by a photo essay. Paulina Pignaton Pandolfi and Maria Pignaton Pontin are reportedly the oldest twin sisters alive, which makes them very special. To celebrate their 100th birthday in style, a Brazilian photographer, Camila Lima, captured spectacular photos of the twins.

 “I felt that these two are very special and therefore deserved something very special as they celebrate their 100th birthday. My gift to them is this cute photographic essay,” says the photographer.

Below are the amazing photos of Pandolfi and Pontin celebrating their 100th birthday: 



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