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+18: Yoliswa Mqoco posted Naked pictures of her self on FB #CAP

 Yoliswa Mqoco and other 18 celebrities joined hands together to support charity homes with their naked pictures.

" The Naked Issue campaign is synonymous with Marie Claire: it is daring, provocative and body–positive, and it aims to accomplish something meaningful. For the July issue, we invited 19 celebrities to choose causes that they care deeply about and to pose nude to raise funds and awareness for each. See the full Naked feature in the July issue, and support the campaign by donating directly to the charities right here. The Naked Issue is brought to you in partnership with Arthur Kaplan. #MCNaked2017 "

See more pictures here 

Read her caption below:
In this years Marie Claire Naked Issue together with 19 of your fave South African Celebrities. I'm supporting the Menzi Children's home in Tsakane. Please head over to http://www.marieclaire.co.za/the-naked-issue to donate to my charity. 

Follow up on Fb Yoliswa Mqoco 

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Our Products "What you will get on City Alert Plus" #CAP

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