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+Video: See what Jamaican Super Star Konshens did to Mistykal Ebony "South African Female DJ" #CAP

Mystikal Ebony X Konshens 
Click Here to watch this exclusive video.

Mystikal Ebony is at it again, this time the South African DJ does an opening set for prolific Jamaican star Konshens all the way in the Seychelles. 
Recently having done tours in , Ghana, Kenya and currently the Seychelles,  this year alone. One must wonder why this lady is not making a buzz in local news.

Mystikal Ebony, real name Mbali Langa, is a South African based, DJ, poet, journalist,
Script-writer and film director. She is popularly known in the ,Afro Beat, Reggae, dancehall, Dub Drum and bass and Jungle music circles in South Africa. Her style of music is not genre specific as she comfortably moves between music from different countries and eras.

This humble girl from the Mpumalanga mountains has surely broadened her horizons and affirms that this is just the start of bigger things to come. Did we mention she spot knee length locks that she's been growing for 18 years? When asked about it she proudly says - It's not easier but I learn that patience and dedication can take you every where, and
thats a rule I implement in all aspects of my life and not Just my hair. 

There's still a lot to come this year for the female Dj as end ofJune she heads back to Kenya for a media tour and October see's her heading to Nigeria.

(Watch Video) Konshens bigs up Dj Mystikal Ebony in 
the Seychelles.

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