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AKA puts SAA on blast #CAPontheRun

Just two months after TV personality Bonang complained about the service on a South African Airways flight, her boyfriend has called out the airline for bad service and threatened to never fly SAA again.

Rapper AKA took to Instagram on Wednesday to write a lengthy rant about SAA, claiming that he was mistreated on a flight from Johannesburg to Munich, Germany several months ago.

"I was jolted out of my seat and out of my sleep by a particularly rude woman. There's something about being woken up with a big shock that really rattles you and gets your day off to a terrible start. I decided from that moment that I would try by all means to never fly SAA ever again.

"80% of the staff I've dealt with on SAA are friendly and go beyond the call of duty to do their job professionally, however the other 20% is giving this airline a terrible name. Crew that literally smack your seat back into position as the plane enters final descent. In the middle of a long haul flight, crew that make you feel they are doing you a favour by getting you a drink or a snack late at night," he wrote.

He also criticised SAA for choosing foreign ambassadors to promote the airline instead of local talent.

"The national carrier is supposed to be a source of pride. It's supposed to make you feel welcome when you return home from overseas and make you feel valued as a South African," he added.

Speaking to CAP on the run, SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali said that he sympathised with AKA's criticism but denied that the airline was unpatriotic.

He said the airline used a number of foreign ambassadors in order to further its commercial interests overseas.

"We have local ambassadors like Hugh Masekela but you have to understand that we travel to a number of foreign destinations and we will always seek to use celebrities or personalities that aren't known just in South Africa but across the continent or world," he explained.

He added that the airline would reach out to AKA to hear his concerns.

"We will attempt to contact and meet with him to discuss his concerns and engage with him on how we can improve our services and representation," Tlali added.

Next thing AKA and B will be ambassadors. #Justsaying.

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Our Products "What you will get on City Alert Plus" #CAP

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