See what this responsible African man wrote on fb to advise wayward people as we start new month #CAP

Gabriel Slim that handsome African man who got married to a beautiful white lady put to his official face book account page yesterday "A New Month Message" with the above picture of Mark Zuckerberg in a discussion with fellow simple and successful men to advise African brothers and sisters to stay focus and invest their money right instead of living a flashy life style to impress people with Gucci and some other expensive brands which they brag about. 

also used the above picture of FB CEO as a perfect example of a good life style, use your brain the gentle man added.

See  his caption below:

Happy new month my people. Use your head please. In this month of July, I pray that GOD give us all that one common sense to know that riches or wealth has never and will never be measured by the amount of Gucci belt or Prada bags that you see on some ones page. Use your brain brothers/sisters. Invest your money, money is not as real as you think it is. Don't waste your money on things that has expiring date just because you want to impress people. Remember "Greatness" is not defined as what we wear, you are only great by the work of your hands. The hand work of a man makes way for him, not his expensive shoes or coat.#GODblessyouall #dontgetcarriedaway

Click HERE to see the original post on Gabriel Slim FB account and other interesting post of him and his Beautiful family.

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