What A BIG LOST... Rest In Peace EllyzAyo #CAPontheRUN

"What A Big Lost" 

I have to stay till this time before i #CAN do this, Different people from different countries sent me messages while some called to tell me about this but i still don't believe not until now, What a small world, why this good girl gone so soon? only God knows.... I will always miss you when ever i remember all the good things you have done for me even when people do not believe you stood by me, you believe so mush in my God given talents, you did a lot that i even loose count right now. I will alway Love you even as you are no longer in the physical realm, God know why and none of us can question him about this. I salute your mother, my madam, my boss and mentor Remi Surutu Oshodi woman like man, a responsible woman who know her responsibilities and always do them, I remember those sleepless night always when ever ayo start feeling pain, Grandma "Iyo Ijo" Dupe "Biola" madam and i will not sleep all night long, I remember those moment we have to leave location to come attend to her, madam will rather stay back home to make sure ayo is ok and feeling better before will can attend to any job irrespective of the mount involved, you tried and did your best as a good mother and also the caretaker of the family, I left home "Nigeria" thinking i am coming back to see you #EllyzAyo and now this happened, hahahahaha God, may God see the rest of #Mdamremioshodi family through including granny. Remember the bible says in every thing we should give thanks.#Whatabiglost #Bigfish #Family #willalwaysmeyoudear #Canfamily#Foreverinmyhead #EllyzAyo #Goodgirlgonetoosoon#Cantstopthinkingaboutthis #Godknowsthebest

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