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Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October: 2-day combination clinic for riders by Tessa Roos (seat specialist and MBS Feldenkrais practitioner) and Karin Leibbrandt (rehabilitation veterinarian and horse trainer, author of the book "Je paard succesvol trainen; paardvriendelijk presteren")
Participation as a rider is for two days, one of which will be spent working on a balanced seat with Tessa and the other with Karin on riding technique to help the horse's balance. Both days start with an unmounted session.

The cost for participating as a rider in this 2-day clinic is € 175,00 
Stabling and feed for the horse is not included, but can be reserved separately upon registration for the clinic. (price € 50,00 total for the two days)

It's possible to register as an auditor for this clinic as well. The cost to attend as an auditor is € 15,00 for 1 day and € 25,00 for both days.
Auditors may participate in the unmounted morning program with Tessa (theory and exercises) at an extra fee of € 20,00. Please note that spaces are limited.


Friday 20th and 21st October, parallel to Karin and Tessa's clinic, Dr. Joanna Robson DVM from California will teach a 2-day workshop for equine bodyworkers. Dr. Robson is author of the book: RECOGNIZING the HORSE in PAIN: And what you can do about it!
During the workshop, this American specialist will discuss multiple aspects of recognizing and solving physical issues in horses.
This workshop is aimed at veterinarians and equine bodyworkers, but trainers can also benefit enormously.
The cost for this 2-day workshop includes auditor admission on Sunday and is € 575,00 Order Tickets


Sunday 22nd October: The "Fine Contact Competition". A dressage competition in which the rider chooses in what order and at which exact moment the required figures and exercises of the test are shown, depending on when the horse is ready for it, constrained only by a time limit.
Marks will be given for all figures and exercises of the tests, but the most important part is the contact. Does the horse have a correct posture with length in the neck, does it lift the withers and bring the nose in front of the vertical? Does the horse move with balance and confidence? Is there harmony between horse and rider?
Bitless or even bridleless and bareback riding is allowed. A judge will evaluate the participants and give tips and feedback after the test. The audience may ask questions as long as they are respectful towards participants.
The winner receives this beautiful challenge cup as a prize.
The cost for participating in this dressage competition is only € 25,00 (registration via this link only)
Auditors for this day pay € 10,00 at the door.


Lecture by Joanna Robson DVM about early recognition of physical issues in horses. Serious problems can often be prevented this way. Following the lecture Joanna will evaluate and treat several horses and advise their owners. You can book your horse in for this before or during the clinic, if slots are still available
No extra fee is charged for the lecture, but there will be extra costs involved if you want your horse to be evaluated and treated. Limited availability, so reserving a space (via info@equicare-plus.com) is recommended.

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