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CAP Fresh: Meggax Yawa "Audio" #CAPhothitz

Yawa don gax every where now, especially in Nigeria and South Africa.

What is Yawa?

Yawa is when you been trying to marry a particular lady whose father is a Major General and all effort proof abortive due to lack of funds and other issue related, especially the father in law who says her daughter must get married to a rich hubby.

The Yawa continued to gax because you love this major general's daughter so much and you both vowed that is only death can separate both of you.

Yawa turn Palaba when the lady left her parent's house to spend the weekend in your family house as her father turn your parent in frog (Frog jump) and the rest of your family into snake ( Everybody with their chest facing the floor) and you as the principal criminal tired on the cross like Jesus Christ.

Yawa bust when you have to make convention and promise the Major that you will never come close to his Daughter again.

The real Yawa gax after you won a huge contract and get paid upfront with 80% of the money involved and you decided to get married to another rich man's daughter in the same town where the major general lives.

Yawa awake when the Major General received your wedding invitation letter and send you a letter that you will never get married to another lady except hir daughter and in addition that you must also get married to her sister making two wives from same parents Confirm Yawa don gax now, what will you do?

What is Yawa to you?

Do a write up not less that 100 words to define Yawa or to describe Yawa in your own way to stand a chance of a post published on City ALert Plus along with you image and name after Yawa with the Title "Yawa Don Gax"

for exmple Joassycan Pro "Yawa don Gax"


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