Edo/Lagos Business Man "Dandy Kelvin" finally speak out #CAPondaRUN

Edo born and bred, Lagos based Big Boy "Dandy Kelvin" a business man and Entertainment guru who run his importing and exporting business  in Lagos State Nigeria finally speak out.

If you do good, goodness and mercy will always follow you, says Dandy Kelvin, read his note below.

I am a generous and a hard working man who believe in the law of Karma, meaning what goes around will surely come back around, this is the only reason why i always do good to every one i come across in life and i will never stop doing it, Because its really working for me. I have met with the good, bad and the ugly people and i thank God for his wisdom, Knowledge and understanding that he gave me because without that i will not be here today and i will not also be able to figure out the bad from the good.
I realised people get jealous of you when they don't know your secrete and they will always try to pull you down but i know that my God will never allow any evil to befall me as long i believe, hope, trust and always praise his holy name. We all know how social media has contributed to the world around us this days both in positive and negative ways, A lot have been said about me on the internet and i keep wondering where this people got the false informations from, i wonder how people also believe what they read from all this fake online news platform.
I am using this opportunity to inform the general public that any false and fake news carried by any news platform about me are not true.  got a lot of passion for Entertainment generally and as a business man i have been able to maintain and also run things in the entertainment industry globally with most of Nigerian big shots including MC galaxy, AY comedian, my brother the list is endless.
I know all this are just test of time which will never last, I believe in my God and my self that this can never pull me down, all this lessons is enough to man me more wiser and i will always learn from it. to my family, Friends and fans Remember that if people don't talk about you then you are no body weather is true or false, People must talk when you are successful that's why you must  never look back but keep going.
I will update you more about myself, my businesses and other underground activities you need to know about me  including the unavailing of my New Entertainment Empire.


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