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The National State of Disaster ends - The National State of Disaster has officially been lifted. Here is President Cyril Ramaphosa's speech from last night:

  My Fellow South Africans, For the past 750 days, South Africa has been in a National State of Disaster. This is an extraordinary situation that is unprecedented in our country’s history. The declaration of a state of disaster was a response to a global health crisis that posed a grave threat to the lives and the well-being of our people. There is no doubt that such a response was necessary under these circumstances. The declaration of the National State of Disaster on 15 March 2020 empowered government to take the measures that prevented many more people from becoming severely ill and saved countless lives. These measures were effective in slowing down the rate of infection, easing pressure on our hospitals, and providing the time we needed to develop the infrastructure, resources and capacity to manage a large number of people who became ill as a result of Covid-19. The National State of Disaster also provided the legal basis for the introduction of the special R350 Social Relief of

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Be careful out there, Always share information of your movement with someone close to you. #cappersworld

 Good day #factfam family, 

I want to strongly appeal to everyone to be very vigilant and security conscious at home and also in public. The number of undocumented missing persons is unbelievable. Kidnapping for rituals is at its highest and they have devised various and very cunning ways of abducting people.

Before, bad things happened mainly at night, but today they operate free from the morning as you are going to work(morning rush), in the afternoon(as schools close), and in the evening as you closed for the day. 

Be very very careful in public places, taxis, bus stops, parties. 

Be very careful with friends and even relatives, much more with strangers completely. 

Be careful with your apparently, innocent-looking, appointments to some kind of offices or houses.

Always share phone number, details, photos, and location of where you are going and where you are to your closest person, and make your host/friend see and hear that you have shared this information, especially for your uber/bolt/taxi rides(share your trip information with someone)

Please enable location on your device and photos.

Land traveling, strictly for only unavoidable activities. 

Guard your drinks, cup, and food at all times, and never continue with your drink or food after it has been out of your sight, for even a second. Do this always & everywhere even, if you are with your very close friends, colleagues, and relatives.

Finally and most important, pray at every moment and be guided daily by the inner voice in you. 🙏 





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