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Business Card: Joseph Opeyemi Adebambo Joassycan Pro CAPtaincan Founder City Alert Plus CAPtv Global

City Alert Plus CAPtv Global (Cappers World) Connecting people and activities “Creative Industry Support” We are a Media broadcasting company showcasing African creativities to the world (Re-narrating the true Africa Stories).     COMPANY PROFILE: Bio: Welcome to the world of Unlimited Possibilities, The creative industry support solution. Get updates, Showcase, buy and sell, any goods, including virtual products, and outsource your craft for free.   Short & Direct about us: We offer (Multi-Media) Creative Visual Productions/Promotions, Travels/Tourism Packages, Digital Branding/Digital/Affiliate Marketing, Management/P.R. services, Merchandising, and an eCommerce Platform for the general public to buy and sell any legal products and services global, Showcase your craft for free.   Profile: City Alert Plus CAPtv Global was founded by Joseph Opeyemi Adebambo a.k.a Captain Can (Joassycan Pro) a proud Nigerian, a creative director ”content creator” Host, and a mass

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My Thoughts Now……Pastor Ike Nwanze

My Thoughts Now……

When you start praying the Word over any situation, your key to its answer is BELIEVE, believing is a function of your heart (Thoughts)
Don't spend time praying only to set your eyes on things that will discourage you. 
We sometimes keep looking at things as they are in the physical till they affect us and cause MOOD SWINGS. 

These mood swings (Been DOUBLE MINDED) causes one to rebel against God’s Word.

Have the inner picture (THOUGHTS) of what God promised you, and you can only get that by meditating on the Word

Create visual impressions on your mind as you MEDITATE on His Word.

I often say this that if you think about a thing LONG ENOUGH, you will create it’s material equivalent.

Everyday, speak out the REALITY of God's promise and it's existence in your life as a PRESENT REALITY and when you see contrary stuff, refuse to stay upon it. 
Take your eyes off and RESET your inner focus on His promise to you by giving THANKS always.

If you are not making progress in any area of your life it is because YOU TALKED YOURSELF OUT OF IT.


Your thoughts are the REAL WORDS not what comes out of your mouth, what comes out of your mouth are byproducts of what you HAVE SAID IN YOUR THOUGHTS.

I pray for you that you will intreat God’s Generous Mercy by keeping His Word in your HEART and LIPS everyday in Jesus name.

The GraceCulture Community

#GreatCultureCommunity @greatgracefamily @cityalertplus


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Business Card: Joseph Opeyemi Adebambo Joassycan Pro CAPtaincan Founder City Alert Plus CAPtv Global

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